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Fabulous Faerie Dust Tracking June 25, 2010

I am often asked, “What is this faerie dust?”   So the story behind the real faerie dust is this:   I was walking on the river path in Tucson and lined on the path are hundreds of native trees and plants.  Because I have done energy work for over nine years, I often “hear” plants, trees, stones and the animals around “speaking” in their language by sending me images of what they are experiencing or the stories they have to tell.  Many of these stories come from the faerie or little spirits of nature from the guardians of these trees and plants. 

I reached out my hand as I walked and pulled the dried bloom from a desert willow.  I crumpled the bloom in my fingers and the “dust” was gathered by the wind and blown across the river bed, and that was an “Aha! moment” for me: “This is Real Faerie Dust.  This is how it is created!” 

From that day forward I began to gather donations from willing plants and trees around Tucson.  Their are many faerie dust contributors thus far:  Desert Willow, Palo Verde, Roses, Ocotillo, Cholla, Lavendar, Cleveland Sage, Saguaro, Oleander, Lantana and many other generous donors!  Yay!  I process the blooms by crumbling them and saving them in glass jars for storage.

I have found beautiful organza bags in which to place the faerie dust and have gifted many pouches of sacred faerie dust to friends and family.  Once I started creating gifts for people and seeing the joy it brings I have asked that if recipients of faerie dust would like to participate in the tracking project I have them send photos of locations where the faerie dust has visited.  And each place the faerie dust visits, the faeries of these plants go as well, which really makes the excited and happy!

So thank you for sharing in our adventure!

The Makings of Faerie Dust

 Here is a map of the current places Faerie Dust has landed.  So far it covers parts of North America and Europe.

Where Sonoran Desert Faerie Dust has been sprinkled in Europe

North and South America Locations of Faerie Dust Tracking


2 Responses to “Fabulous Faerie Dust Tracking”

  1. Lynnea Raphael Says:

    I would like to participate in the faerie dust project….I’m from Green Valley – south of Tucson….how do I participate?

    Blessings, Lynnea

  2. faeriemagic Says:

    Hi Lynnea … I would love for you to participate! 😉 What friends and family have been doing is the following: I give them a pouch of the dried flower faerie dust, they take it to one of their favorite places or if they travel then they take it with them on their travels, they then sprinkle some of the faerie dust in their favorite place, they take a couple of photos of the location and then they email me the photos and name of the location. From there, I write up an account of the adventures the faeries had at the location. If you would still like to participate, please email me directly at: and send me your full name and address and I will mail you a pouch of the faerie flower dust.

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