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Half Dome Adventure: The End … again … Epilogue? July 28, 2014

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One of my instructors from the trip contacted us today and emailed us some cool photos that I thought I might share with you!  So awesome!

The first photo I would like to share is actual PROOF! that yes indeed I was on the cables climbing up Half Dome … No … I didn’t photoshop myself onto the top of Half Dome!

Shannon ON HD

That’s me in the middle of the photo, in the blue shirt and green khaki shorts! And look Mom … both my hands are on the cable!  See, this time I was being cautious …. I think most people would be …. almost!

The next photo is a group shot of the ten participants who worked together to get to the top …. as we all know, you can’t make it on a hard journey all by yourself!

HD Group

And I think I may have been channeling my friend, Kris, at this point with my eyes blinking!  Oops … Atleast I have a good smile!

The last photo is PROOF of the impending storm that trashed my campsite!  UGH!

Pending Storm

Now you get an idea of why I got into trouble.  Fortunately all turned out on the up-and-up ….




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