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Day 10: On the Road Again … The End! July 27, 2014

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Day 10 and the journey home …. hmmm … which route to take?  So many choices!

CA Map2

Now … I know these days many people use electronic maps and guides BUT what do you do if you get into areas where electronics don’t work? AND what if you get to an area that is CLOSED and REROUTED …. that’s where having a good ‘ole fashioned hand-held paper map is AWESOME … and I just learned to read them four years ago .. you might think that it is a skill that is just second nature … not so!  I had to teach myself how to read maps, and it is so helpful on a long trip especially if you don’t have the whole trip mapped out by Google Earth or Mapquest!

I got on the road at 5:00 a.m. to catch the sunrise through Yosemite once more and decided to take the 120 East toward the 395 South.  I am so glad I did.  All the wildlife and flowers and clouds and trees came out to say good-bye as I left the Valley.

The first thing I noticed as the sun rose over the horizon and cast a glow on the meadows was a family of deer and buck feeding …

Buck It Up

They were all spread out over an acre grazing on the moist grasses in the field.  I walked up as close as I could safely get, my feet getting wet in the dew and feeling the 46 degrees of coolness on the air.

Oh Dear BW

None of the deer or bucks paid me any mind.  So many humans move through this area, they have become accustomed to us on their land, which is why we need to make sure to be mindful and keep them wild by not feeding them and not friending them so that they keep active in their alertness to predators.

Deer Buck Beauty

If Santa Claus is looking for his reindeer, this is apparently where they Summer … Upper Yosemite Valley in Mariposa Meadows.  Even reindeer need vacations too!  Well, I had to keep on with my drive or else I would never make it home.  1 hour down 15 more to go!

The next part of nature to say adieu was a beautiful cloud that sat above the point of Tioga Peak which sits at almost 10,000 feet in elevation.

Tioga Peak

After bidding a fond farewell to the deer and clouds and mountains, the Faeries decided they wanted to say good-bye and I found the prettiest violet purple flower, single and standing alone, tall and proud … when I went to smell it … it smelled like … well, an onion.  When I looked up the scientific name is: Allium yosemitense….  non-scientific name of this flower … lo-and-behold it is referred to as the Yosemite Onion flower!

I may be small Yosemite Onion

When I said hello, she said, “I might be small, but I’m mighty.”  I laughed (I remember Dill or Charles Baker Wallace from To Kill a Mockingbird saying just the exact same thing!)

Yosemite Onion

I concluded my drive on the 120 East where it ended and turned right heading south on the 395 which took me all the way to San Bernadino, California.

CA Map1

On the way out of the Valley the Faeries showed up in cloud form to bid me farewell and happy return!

Faerie Cloud

Once I reached San Bernadino, I was able to catch to 10 East all the way back to Tucson ….

CA Map3

10:00 p.m. and 16 hours later … Home Sweet Home 😉 ( I had the pleasure for 7 of those hours listening to the audio version of the book “The Fault in Our Stars” by John Green … a wonderfully written story with great characters and brilliant dialogue)

I have many folks to thank for my successful adventure …

First – Spirit God for creating the spark and the means

Mo Bike for sending me the Yosemite Video that inspired the trip, My sweet supportive Tribe (Sara, Nancy, Kris, Lorelei, Carrie, Ross, Mike, Dave, Tom, Bob), my friend, Sally, for her support and the awesome use of her hiking poles and fleece jacket, my friend Ashley, my friend, Robert,  for his Bear energy and the use of his camping self-inflating mattress and outdoor hat, My mom, sis and nephews for their love and awesome Beach adventure, the Faeries and Angels, Caliber Collision who took care of repairing my little car while I was on the trip!

To More Fun Adventures!




8 Responses to “Day 10: On the Road Again … The End!”

  1. MRK Says:

    success and you did not even have to deal with wildfires in Yosemite today/they were on the news/causing me to think of you…you encountered the best that Mother Nature has to offer…you accomplished your mission and you have collected data for future experiences

  2. Ken and Kim Murphy Says:

    Welcome Home!

  3. Faerie Magic Says:

    So glad there were no fires while I was there! Although I wouldn’t have been surprised if any started with the lightening monsoons

  4. Faerie Magic Says:

    Thank you! ❤

  5. Nanette Says:

    Thanks for sharing your adventure. It was fun to go along with you. 🙂

  6. Carol June Schultz Says:

    What a wonder, interesting, not to mention exciting adventure. You are such a special writer! Thank you for including me in your dialogue. Blessings…Carol

  7. Sara Says:

    You have more courage per pound than any of us in this Tribe. We were all rooting for you and seeing that YouTube video just smacked this into perspective. Hiking in Yosemite is one thing. Doing that vertical on a huge slab of granite is quite another. YOU ROCK, is putting it mildly! Wow, Shannon. The faeries and I applaud you! xoxoxoxo

  8. Faerie Magic Says:

    I appreciate the Tribe’s support! It helped me make it up the mountain 🙂 … The hike was the hard part for me … the Half Dome climb was the reward! That was my favorite part 🙂

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