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Day Five: Yosemite – Love at First Site July 17, 2014

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Bet you are wondering, “are there Unicorns?  did you see one?” … Just wait … you will see …

My first day of adventuring into the wilderness that is Yosemite National Park … words? … I probably shouldn’t write too much and let the photos speak for themselves … I may add some brief commentary as needed …

6:00 a.m. – a Yosemite Sunrise – Brilliant!

Sunrise over Yosemite

Hues Pink Purple Gold before the Sun shows His face …


Where 56 degrees meets the warm water from the day before … mist rising and curling …

Misty Tenaya Lake

Tenaya Lake with its curving shores bringing her water right to your feet….

Tenaya Lake2

Yosemite’s beauty surrounds you on all sides.   Above you, the clouds curl and roll with the breeze…

Sunrise and Clouds

And when you thought that only clouds can be in the sky, you find them under your feet too!

Glory Be2

And what you are fishing for in this great lake ends up sitting right in front of you.  What you thought was your imagination is suddenly real.

Meditation Spot

You may even look up in gratitude ….


Only to find the Moon starring back at you ….MoonStone

Smiling down at you

Over a stone face …

Faces of Stone

That’s when you know your surrounded …..

Lake Surrounding


Surrounded Beauty

by Love …

Lake and Cloud

So … you’re still wondering … are there Unicorns?

I’d like to think so …


And we are friends.

Unicorn and Me

Love at First Site … that’s Yosemite National Park!

I will be going off-line for the rest of my journey backpacking into the wilderness to meet Half-Dome face-to-face.  See you when I come out with more adventures!




3 Responses to “Day Five: Yosemite – Love at First Site”

  1. Carol June Schultz Says:

    Safe climbing. Love reading about your adventures!

    Sent from my iPad

  2. Nanette Says:

    Thank you so much for posting you adventure. I love it! Have fun. Nanette

  3. Faerie Magic Says:

    Thank you Carol!

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