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Day Four: From Here to Eternity …. (atleast that’s what the drive felt like) July 16, 2014

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  I should know by now that my estimates with time and driving are usually OFF completely by atleast two hours not accounting for traffic, accidents, road work, unknown traveled routes and small animals needing to be fed ….

  I traveled from San Diego to Groveland, CA today expecting an 8 hour drive … ehm … well, it was more like 11 hours!  But I did it! I drove I-5 North to HWY 99 up through Bakersfield and Fresno.  In Fresno at one of my stops to get gas, I came out to my car from using the restroom and three small dogs were all sitting by my car.  They all looked up at me happily grinning, “So! You got any food?” … “I have some water, what about that?” … “The little black dog of unknown origin spoke for the other two dogs, “Water? No thank you.  Food.  Got any?” …. “Okay, okay … I do.  Hold on.”  Digging around my cooler, I found some leftovers of pork and brown rice.  I passed out the food and poured them some water into a dish I had.  They thanked me kindly and skittered off into the nearby neighborhood.

  From HWY 99 I took Route 41 briefly and headed up Route 49 … where 16 miles of winding mountain road took me an extra 90 minutes … but … I love windy, curvy roads.  I met up with the Merced River stopping for a photo op at the bridge.

Merced River CA














  The 49 connected with the 120 East … at last! … 10 1/2 hours later from San Diego … that’s when I re-read the direction page I printed from the Hotel Charlotte where I am staying … “Only take the 49 Route if you like long, scenic, death-defying windy roads” … that totally makes sense! … 8 winding miles later on the 120 and I made it to Hotel Charlotte in Groveland, CA

Hotel Charlotte

  The town of Groveland is small, charming and cute!

Groveland CA2Groveland CA8

Groveland CA7

Groveland CA6Groveland CA4

Groveland CA1

Groveland CA5

   Hotel Charlotte has its own restaurant with a wonderful chef and awesome fresh menu of locally grown veggies and blends of tastes from Yam Gnocchi to Sauteed Pork Tamales with fresh Mole sauce to Roasted Veggies with Lentils … as you can see … I was so hungry that I ate my meal before I had a chance to take a photo!

Groveland CA HC Dinner


I did get a photo of the yummy dessert … Fruit Pudding Cake with Yogurt and Fresh Berries

Groveland CA HC Dessert2Groveland CA HC Dessert

Now off to bed I go to rest up for a day of exploring Yosemite tomorrow before the big hike in a couple of days! … Are there really Unicorns at Unicorn Peak I wonder?















2 Responses to “Day Four: From Here to Eternity …. (atleast that’s what the drive felt like)”

  1. Nancy Wilkinson Says:

    I enjoy your writing, Woman. Love the 3 dog story. A 3 Dog Night???
    Happy exploring in Yosemite! My mom and I visited there when I was 9. We got to watch the fireball waterfall-they no longer do that. Keep writing, keep being delighted by your journey! We support you near and far. Love from your tribe,

  2. Faerie Magic Says:

    Thank you Nancy! I appreciate the support. Havin’ fun and lookin’ forward to my camping expedition starting tomorrow late afternoon!


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