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May your day be sprinkled with pixie dust

Day Two: A Day at the Beach July 14, 2014

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As we arrived at Mission Beach, we were greeted by friends ….

The trees said hello …

Banyan Tree





The Seagulls sat waiting for some tasty treats … “Mine, mine, mine, mine”




.… as we made our way onto the sands of the beach, we heard the crashing of the ocean waves on the shore ….

The Waves2

I smiled since it has been two years since I last made it to the beach.  The gentle ocean breeze, the smell of the salty air, the mist of the ocean spray ….


My nephews had a blast chasing one another ….

The Chase

My younger nephew was so excited to be at the beach again that he leapt….

Leapin Lizards

and jumped for joy ….

Jumpin for Joy

While he was busy playin’ in the surf, my older nephew was apparently sent wishes of fun from a nearby Faerie Girl … some of the Faerie Dust may have landed in his eye!

A Faeries Wish

…. as the sun set on our day of fun …. I knew that we had been blessed with a day of magic in the surf ….

Surf Boy

We shall see what magic the day holds for us tomorrow ….

(not seen in the accompanying photos would be my mom and sis … who requested to be kept behind the scenes!  )




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