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Day One: The Road to Yosemite July 13, 2014

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On the road to Yosemite, there are many pre-adventure adventures!

My first excursion was to visit my Faerie Godchild, Lincoln Dilinger … now being 19 months old, he was ready to play catch with me for an hour.  We ran around the house until I was worn out!

Faerie Godchild

Faerie Godchild


Then I headed toward Yuma … along the way, the cloud people parted the heavens ….

The Heavens

and gave me a sweet heart to make my trip feel blessed ….


… and when I arrived, I was greeted by two elfin children, my nephews ….

C&J 072014

… and then I was so exhausted from all of the blessings, I fell fast asleep 🙂

I dreamt of playing all day at the beach in San Diego!

Sweet Dreams


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