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Kwan Yin, Kwan Yin White Buffalo Woman …. April 21, 2012

Filed under: Faerie Dust & Whimsy,Mother Nature,Poems — Faerie Magic @ 11:28 pm

I felt quite blessed a few days ago to have seen the emodiment of Kwan Yin in this beautiful bud … She popped up to say hello and the faeries and I gathered her up and placed her on the thrown of leaves where she could easily recline.  Being such a compassionately wise woman, she had a splendid sense of humor as well … giggling as we made sure her cap created a bit of umbrellic shade so she could rest in the sunlight.


"Kwan Yin Reclines" (Photo by: Shannon Sullivan)


You see how much they resemble one another 😉

Ahhhh …. the mysteries of the Universe unfolding 😉



Ahhhhhhh ..... (Photo: Shannon Sullivan)

(Flower Photo: Shannon Sullivan

Adventures with: Sonoran Desert FAerie Dust Clan

Thank to: Our Readers)


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