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Re: Healing Buddies … workin’ overttime ;) March 22, 2012

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As things would have it, my client, Mary, is doing really well thusly far with the beginning of her chemotherapy sessions (I have her permission to post her progress ….).  She indicates she is receiving much help from Emily Roo, her kanga stuffed buddy.  Emily Roo does magical Reiki with Mary during her sessions to minimize the effects of the chemotherapy and to reduce stress during this time of illness and recovery.   We, Mimzy Bunny, Will and myself, know how helpful stuffed animal buddies can be during this difficult time.  We rescued a group of donated animals from Goodwill and delivered them faerie style over to the University Medical Clinic in Green Valley.   The animal buddies are looking forward to the help they can gift the other patients’ in the clinic.


(Photo by: Shannon Sullivan

 Adventures with: Mimzy Bunny and Will

 Thank you for our readers)


One Response to “Re: Healing Buddies … workin’ overttime ;)”

  1. Paula Says:

    Saw the basket of helpers yesterday. It seemed to magically appear to the people working there. Hope it is empty soon.

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