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Meet James … March 4, 2012

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The Muppet Gang love to meet new people ( well, I should say in truth … I have a challenge with meeting people sometimes because of some shyness … the Muppet Gang and Faerie Clan try to help break the ice).  We human creatures are quite amazing people.  I have been attempting to learn about others around me and see how incredibly individual every one of us is … Meet James Stout (I have his clownie permission to post his name and pic):

James Stout & Friends

James Stout & Friends

Kermie conducted the interview with James … (know that this interview is not word-for-word … but kind of what James told me)

Kermie:  Kermit the frog here, what’s your name?

James:  James, James Stout

Kermie:  Whatcha doin in Tucson?

James:  Riding my bicycle professionally in a local race.

Kermie:  I have hopped in many froggie races, I have also ridden a beach cruiser (if you have seen any of my movies ..) is cycling anything like these two things?

James:  Not exactly (in his English accent)

Kermie:  Where are you from? I detect a slight accent.

James:  England and you?

Kermie:  I have been told it was a Lilly pad in the south somewhere … I need to research my roots more.  Do you live here?

James:  Nope … I teach History at UC San Diego.  I am trying to finish my PhD. in Spanish History about the Catalan peoples and their language and culture.

Kermie:  I see you have something on your arm?

James:  Ah yes … I am Type I Diabetic and Insulin dependent.  I am trying to work with sponsors here and at home to keep receiving the insulin I need but healthcare is a challenge here in the States.    (

Kermie:  Is it challenging for you?

James:  Yes, besides teaching and managing my diabetes, I also get the opportunity to try to get funding for my insulin so I can continue to race professionally around the world.

Kermie:  How can I and Miss Piggy and the Muppet Gang help you out.

James:  I would just like to share my story with others to promote health and wellness.  It is important for all of us the take care of one another as well as ourselves.

Kermie:  Maybe you can do a personal fundraiser on-line to raise the money you need for your insulin so you can keep riding competitively.

James:  Kermie, that is a great idea!  I will check it out and get back to you.

So there you have it … we are happy to have you meet James and will bring you further information about his pursuits as they are made available and possibly able to fund some of his medical expenses.

To follow James’ information:


Photo by:  Shannon Sullivan

Interview conducted by:  Kermie

Thank you to :  Our Readers


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