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Emily Roo and Beaker too! March 1, 2012

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Off at my local weekly adventure at HEART of Tucson Horse Rescue, Beaker decided to tag along with me.  I told him to be careful … he has brightly colored orange hair that is a large tuft at the top of his head … well as you might imagine this could be mistake for a possible carrot … which of course horses LOVE … Beaker was quite careful around the horses but  I forgot to inform him that there were also goats on the ranch and we had a close call … (see photo below) …

 Beaker leapt into my pocket quickly after letting out a quick, “Meepoo!”

Back in town among our other faerie friends, we established a new friendship with Emily Roo … a Kangaroo, originally from Australia, who was now found homeless in the local thrift shop.  We brought her into the office to meet the other local rescued stuffed animals …

Just as Mimzy Bunny and Will are the Reiki bunnies that do Reiki with my clients … her is Emily Roo, Mrs. Kangaroo, who was adopted yesterday by my client, Mary.  Mary was recently diagnosed with severe lung cancer and will be undergoing chemotherapy sessions and radiation.  Mary said that it would be okay for me to post this picture of her and Emily Roo and to tell their stories.  She feels that being open allows others to assist when she needs it.  Emily Roo has volunteered to assist Mary during her procedures and  be a comfort for her providing cuddly support and healing energy in whatever way will most benefit Mary.  Please send Mary lots of hugs and love  as well.

Thank you Emily Roo and Beaker too!


(Photos by:  Shannon Sullivan

 Adventures with :  SDFDC (Sonoran Desert Faerie Dust Clan), Muppet Gang and Emily Roo

  Thank you to:  Our Readers)


One Response to “Emily Roo and Beaker too!”

  1. eof737 Says:

    Love and hugs to Mary… always! 🙂

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