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What do a Cockroach, a Hawk, Faeries and Yoga all have in common? February 26, 2012

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No Joke!  All part of my day … there are moments in life that things can be planned and others come forward without something grand … animals, faeries, roaches and more all doing yoga … whatever for?  Half the time I don’t know what I am doing but somehow do it well, I am grateful for friends who allow me to explore the inner parts of my world … sometimes its messy and looks rather strange but I guess as long as I having fun and teaching, learning each day … well, atleast , Dr. Seuss would be proud of some of the things that I say!

This mid-life “challenge”  feels like a bitch that must be why I laughed so hard that my side got a stitch!

First Senor Hawk soared on his way, saying hello on this beautiful day …

Hawk (photo by: Shannon Sullivan)

Then onto the Peace Fair of 2012, where in Reid Park we gathered for health … a booth of healers circled around and the children’s tent called “Sensorium” bubbled with sound .. Elisabeth Black, teacher of youth, put together this magical booth … where I, Faerie Clown, was able to read in story-time all about a cockroach who had a hard time …

“Crickwing” a book of marvelous prize , was written by the author …Janell Cannon, very wise … we learned it isn’t cool to bully or be bullied back so this cockroach taught me and the children a great many facts …

"Crickwing" by Janell Cannon

Then onto  yoga for me and the kids where Warrior pose ended our daily days quiz …. once in the pose, the warrior you see, an imaginary band of pirates came out of the sea … we stood our ground in this pose that is sound and fought off the attack using imaginary swords that we found …

So now you know what these things above have in common today … all of us here working at play … we wish all of you a fabulous day!


(Photos by:  Shannon Sullivan, Quynn Elizabeth

 Adventures by:  SDFDC

 Thank for:  Our Readers)


2 Responses to “What do a Cockroach, a Hawk, Faeries and Yoga all have in common?”

  1. eof737 Says:

    Love the creativity. 😉

  2. faeriemagic Says:

    It was really challenging to rhyme about yoga and pirate attacks!

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