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Muppets and Faeries and Buddhas! Oh my! February 22, 2012

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The Muppet Gang decided that they wanted to give us a hand at the HEART of Tucson Equine Rescue Ranch on Monday.  It was a good thing the Chef tagged along with me.  There was a new rescue horse on the scene, Yogi.  He is malnourished and in need of some good, yummy alfalfa!  Chef hooked Yogi up with some grub and in exchange Yogi gave Chef a ride around the pen!

  Chef decided to ride bareback exlaiming , “Furdidurdi hom hum” … I think that meant, “I have ridden before.”   Okie Dokie, Chef … have an awesome time!

Yogi appreciated the meal while he is on his road to recovering from a less than fabulous residence he was previously at.  We were all very grateful to have met and worked with Yogi.  Then the SDFDC … Sonoran Desert Faerie Dust Clan informed me of new news regarding The Garden of 1000 Buddhas where we have done many volunteer hours in Arlee, Montana.   As part of the project of finishing the meditation wheel there are 1000 Stupas (homes) housing the Green Tara Goddess that are created from white volcanic stone.  To consecrate and honor these stones precious minerals, water, jewels and flowers will bless these Stupas.Kermie and Piggy were able to meet the new Stupas when we traveled back to the Garden in December for the class.  Liily of the Yellowfare faerie from our clan told us that we needed to put together a new gift package to send to the Garden full of faerie dust flowers, sacred water from Yellowstone, a gold Buddha statue and lots of seashells from Hawaii!  Button and Gabby helped collect and pack it all up while Belle put a call into the post office for super special delivery!

  All of us are very faerie pleased about this and can’t wait to hear back from the Garden.

  Have a Faerie Fun Filled Day!


(Photos by:  Shannon Sullivan

 Adventures by:  Muppet Gang and SDFDC!

  Thank yous go out to:  Our Stupendously Awesome Readers!


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