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Fundraising Status and More Humanitarian Clowning Adventures! January 25, 2012

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The SDFDC, Sonoran Desert Faerie Dust Clan, would like to introduce one of our newest members of the Clownie Sponsorship Team!  Her name is Millie and she is a very kind woman whom I have know for years.  I am very blessed and grateful for her assistance.

Meet Millie

After our sponsorship meeting together, I went to visit Edna at Santa Rita Nursing Care down the block.  The Faerie Crew and I decided to walk the mile to visit her and wondered, “Hummm… I wonder if we could hitchhike a ride from a golf cart for this adventure ?”  Firstly, we have never hitchhiked Nor in a golf cart … this is Green Valley you know, a retirement community, so there are golf carts driving around here frequently.  Well wouldn’t you know it, one passed by and we put out our tiny thumb and the driver picked us up and magically transported us  to Santa Rita Care facility … we found out his name is Burt.  Well Burt informed us that he hopped his wife didn’t pass us by in the car and see him transporting a young lady around.  We both giggled.  Upon arriving with our clownie bag of tricks, I visited with Edna and found out one of my former co-workers was on staff working in the Physical Therapy department.  I knew that we could get him to put on a tutu so we skipped over and sure enough he and two of his colleagues joined us in the clownie fun.

I rather think that he should wear the tutu and the tie to work everyday as part of his work attire … unfortunately, he did not agree and even faerie girl, Gabby, couldn’t win him over ;( … Dan’s colleagues joined us as well.

I think they all make a rather cute Physical Therapy Clowning Team!  Most excellent … Thank you everyone for the magical fun.

Our update on fundraising:   Our goal $3000 dollars … raised thusly far $2000!   $1000 dollars to go!   Go Team India!  I will be working on creating a fundraising page as well through “Chipin” to create additional fundraising efforts.


Photos and Update:  Shannon Sullivan

Adventures by:  SDFDC

Thank you to: Our Readers and Sponsors


One Response to “Fundraising Status and More Humanitarian Clowning Adventures!”

  1. ElizOF Says:

    Keep up the good work… I remain impressed by the effort. 🙂

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