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The passing out of more red noses …. January 21, 2012

Filed under: Faerie Dust & Whimsy — Faerie Magic @ 9:54 pm

Two new clowningish sponsors have popped up!  I think had they known they would have to wear clownie noses for a photo shoot upon sponsoring me, they might have changed their minds … good thing I hadn’t told them ahead of time.

I would like you to meet Harry … an awesome human being who is a retired firefighter from New York and a local human rights activist in Arizona.

  Also please meet my wonderful client and friend, Emily … she is an awesome artist and sidelines as one of my cheerleaders!

You wouldn’t believe this but one of my clients, Edna, upon finding out about the photo requirements of all sponsors went and broke her hip and ended up in the hospital …. I told her that she didn’t have to go to such an extent to get out of wearing the awesome clownie nose … she is recovering quickly and is on the mend … please send her your well wishes!


Photos by:  Shannon Sullivan

Adventures by:  The humorous and helpful muppet gang and SDFDC

Thank for:  Our Readers


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