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The Muppet Gang Meet Naomi, Zach and Walk with the Memory of Marlin January 16, 2012

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The Muppet Gang and Sonoran Desert Faerie Dust Clan were out and about today on an adventure to the local cafe, Rage-n’ Sage, one of our favorite tea and coffee joints in Tucson.  While sitting upon the seats inside, normally we sit outside but there was a lovely rain and so we watched the rain from the comfort of the cozy room.  We were reading from the book “Eat Mangoes Naked” by Sark which a friend of ours had recommended.  Thanks Don!

Although we weren’t currently eating mangoes naked, we were drinking a fine hot mocha fully clothed when Belle (our lovely faerie tour guide) looked at the table next to us and whispered in my ear … “Ask that girl what here tattoo means.”  I said, “Belle, that isn’t nice to pry.”  Belle informed us that it wasn’t prying at all and if the young woman did not want to speak with us she would say so … I fussed a bit more until Belle’s prodding prompted me to speak to this young woman.

“Hi.  My name is Shannon and this is our gang the Muppets. We have a question for you if you don’t mind us asking.”  The young woman replied, “My name is Naomi and this is Zach.  You may ask me a question.”  So we proceeded to ask Naomi about her tattoo.

  The tattoo reads … “Voice”  … she explained to us that the tattoo is in memory of her friend, Marlin.  All three friends Naomi, Zach and Marlin have some from of physical disability.  Marlin was an activist for person’s with disabilities and he used his kind voice to express to others that a disability was not a disadvantage but instead just a normal part of their lives and they didn’t feel any worse, better or different than any other person who had different eye color, skin color, hair color, spoke different languages.  Marlin passed away young from complications from his disability but he never regretted his life Naomi told us.  By this time, Belle had tears in her eyes that had dripped onto the tips of her shoes and sparkled in the light of the cafe.

We asked Naomi and Zach if they would take a photo op with Kermie and Piggy and they agreed without hesitation.  Here is Naomi and Zach

  Belle whispered, “See … I told you to talk to them. Told ya they were nice!”  I giggled and once again agreed that Belle had been right on about our new friends at the Cafe.  We are all grateful for our continued adventures both locally and abroad.  I received news from our friend Theresa who is currently in the Phillipines that the island hopping with the faerie clan is going well and in a couple of weeks we should have photos from her journey to share with our readers and many faerie tales (tails) to tell.


Photos by:  Shannon Sullivan

Adventures by the :  Clownie Crew of Muppets and SDFDC

Thank you to:  Our Readers!


3 Responses to “The Muppet Gang Meet Naomi, Zach and Walk with the Memory of Marlin”

  1. Mands Says:

    Thanks for sharing a really nice story!

  2. Thanks for lifting my spirit.

  3. faeriemagic Says:

    Your welcome Nancy … I am glad of that. I was reading an inspirational quote on a tea bag the other day that said, “Uplift others and you uplift yourself.” Then I received your comment regarding this awesome story. Yay!

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