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Photo Challange of the Week: “Peace” January 14, 2012

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Photo Challange of the Week: “Peace”

This has been an odd week of ups and downs … the key is to finding the peace in the middle of it all if possible.  Appropriately this grounding stone of river rock bears the symbol of Peace … Namaste.  Our yoga instructor had us work into new positions of power and pushing limits to meet an edge that once there at first was uncomfortable and then once relaxing into it, we could go just a bit further or not depending on where we were at.  She reminded us NOT to try to do the movements or poses just like our neighbors .. that our neighbors’ abilities may not be where we were at the time but to use other people’s strengths and weaknesses as guide posts for where we could go in the future if we kept practicing.

Peace –


(Photo by: Shannon Sullivan

  Adventures by:  Muppet Crew

  Thank you to:  Our Readers!)


2 Responses to “Photo Challange of the Week: “Peace””

  1. nrhatch Says:

    Good thoughts, Shannon.

    Finding “peace” where we are makes “problems” more manageable.

  2. ElizOF Says:

    Great choices… I love the OM rock! 😉

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