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More Clownie Sponsorship Updates … January 12, 2012

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Hello fellowship of the clownie readers …

I would like you to meet the newest members of the Clown Tribe who are graciously providing sponsorship for the Humanitarian Clowning trip to India.  I am truly blessed and grateful to have them on my team.

Meet Rick … A very clownie supporter of the faerie kind:

Meet Sonya! … She was seen in a previous post as the adoptive parent of some in need abandoned stuffed animals … I am happy to have her on the clownie team.

Thus far we have raised  $1600 of the $3000 we need for the trip in September.   Tim Webster, the coordinator of the program, has said there are now 16 of us clowns signed up for the humanitarian trip.

Keep sending the hugs and love and high 5’s


(Photos by Shannon Sullivan

Adventures by:  SDFDC (Sonoran Desert Faerie Dust Clan )  & Muppet Gang

 Thank you to:  Our Readers!)


3 Responses to “More Clownie Sponsorship Updates …”

  1. Tim Webster Says:

    Hi Guy’s,

    Thank you so much for supporting Shannon and Humanitarian Clowns trip to Vellore, Tamil Nadu, India in September 2012. I am so excited to work with Shannon again, I had the opportunity to work with her in Costa Rica with Dr. Patch Adams, she has such a pure heart full of love and always putting herself first to help others and I am so delighted that she is joining the India trip in September as the children in Vellore suffering from Homelessness, Poverty, diseases and illnesses.

    We hope to have a documentary film maker come on the trip to film the process of the trip and interview the clowns and the people we entertain, I hope that we will be able to turn them into a DVD and give you all a copy.

    Humanitarian Clowns Abroad has teamed up with a local Indian NGO called “Seb’s Projects India”
    Theses are the following places we will be entertaining and promoting love, joy and laughter:
    Rehab Ward CMC Hospital, Mental Health ward CMC Hospital, CHAD (Community Hospital for the slums), Govt hospital (Bagayam), CMC Paediatric Ward, CMC PMR-other wards, Vellore Orphange (apprx 200 children), Sisters of Charity Orphanage (aka: Mother Theresa’s Orphanage (Central Vellore)), Kasam orphanage, Govt Orphanage opp Kasam orphanage, VIT (University), Abdul Hakeem College, Vidayalayam School,, Christianpet school, Union Middle School, Kings School and visiting the following remote Tribal Communities:
    Thandayankottai, Thattankuttai, Allerey, Jamunamurtore and Thiruvannamalai villages (depending on time will be depending how many remote villages we will visit) to assist in Community Development Projects. We also hope to organize a few parades through the streets of the slum communities.

    On the trip we will be creating job opportunities for a of the few locals, we will be employing for a month period 5-7 Indian Volunteers to assist us with translation, guiding us through the town, cooking, assistance with transport and yes “Clowning”, at the end of the trip we hope to have raised enough funds to employ 2 of our Indian Volunteers and offer them a full time Clown Doctor Position at CMC Hospital and the Hospitals in Chennai.

    Again I can not thank you enough for supporting Shannon and Humanitarian Clowns Abroad spread a little happiness to the most deserving children living in hardship in India. Thank you.

    Tim Webster
    Director: Humanitarian Clowns Abroad

  2. faeriemagic Says:


    Thank you so much for the opportunity and for writing this feedback on my post. I appreciate it 🙂


  3. The members of your “clownie” group are sure good sports.

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