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Lots of Clown Noses and Finger Puppets for the Holidays December 27, 2011

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One of my goals for myself and for others is to help bring more joy into the world … I often find this challenging due to overcoming my own belief systems and constantly reorganizing my thoughts … it is a continuous process for me … I share this side of the “truth” for me in this post not as a way of telling on myself but as a way of knowing that because I “appear strong” many times on the outside to people, I am actually vulnerable and need as much cheerleading as I gift to others.  I am grateful that I can be a beacon of hope for others and I too need beacons of hope in my life offering encouragement.

One of my goals for the holidays this year was not only spend a bit of time with my family but to also gift back to the community in whatever way I could for the brief time I was visiting back home.  My first clownie adventure of the day was to help out at the Mission in Yuma and assist with the meals they were planning for the families who needed food.  A huge truck delivered fresh produce of salads, lettuce, squash, oranges, pears and we broke them down into gift boxes for families and individuals in need to take home with them.  One of the jobs I found for myself were that two stuffed animals … Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck were tied up as decorations.  Well, the faeries who work with me found that the two stuffed critters were hung by their necks on a post … “Eegads” … we decided to retie them around their wastes so as they wouldn’t keep choking.  The faeries understand that even stuffed animals have feelings too and like having good homes to belong to.   After this, we went and helped unload the produce and hauled all the goodies to the front of the mission.  After a couple hours of hard work, I took a potty break and headed to get a snack.  three children were standing by Daffy and Bugs Bunny and I said, “Oh, they could sure use a good new home?”  The three little girls agreed.  An angry grinchy volunteer at once told us that we could not take these stuffed creatures and give them a new home.   I said, “These little girls promise to give Daffy and Bugs a good place to live.”  The grinchy lady said, “You will have to speak to Pat about that.”  Now Pat was an older woman leading the auctioning of gifts.  The faeries gifted me with a plan … they said be clownie, use your accent and take the girls with you to plead the case … so that’s what we did … the girls and I walked over to Pat and I held Daffy Duck up and ducked down to the height of the girls … looked up to Pat and with big doe eyes in my best clownie accent said, “May we please give Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck a new home?”  All the girls starring up at Pat.  She caved, “Okay.” … Well for goodness sakes I thought … it is Christmas eve, we are at the Mission Shelter … I would hope these animals could find a fine place to call home.  I also gifted the little girl who didn’t get one of the animals three small finger puppets that she could tell lots of stories with …

After helping at the Mission, we decided to continue to spread joyous clownieness to our family as well with the goal of having each family member wear the hot pink clownie nose for a photo op!

Meet my mom:

Meet my sis:

My elfy nephew:

My dad:

My brother-in-law:

Now you see my friends and family are all a bunch of clowns … even though they don’t know it!


Photos and Story by: Shannon Sullivan

Adventures by:  SDFDC, Muppet Crew and the Clownies

Thank you to:  Our Readers!


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