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We found Mater! December 14, 2011

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This morning we, me, the SDFDC (Sonoran Desert Faerie Dust Clan), Mimzy and Will Bunny and the Muppet Gang,  asked our awesome transporter, Kabura (my red Mazda 3 warrior), which way he wanted to traverse to get to work.  So we went around several neighborhoods in the area, turning right here and left there and then all of a sudden!  … From out of nowhere the real life, Mater, (from  the pixar movie “Cars”), pops up!

Animated Mater:

Real life Mater:

Kabura the Warrior was so excited we stopped to take photographs and get Mater’s “auto”graph …

Very cute!

We loved he was all dressed up for the holidays 😉


Photos and Story:  Shannon Sullivan

 Adventures by:  SDFDC, Bunnies and Muppets

Thank you to:  Our Readers


One Response to “We found Mater!”

  1. That truck is an incomparable classic!

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