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A Snowy Trip to the Buddha Garden December 11, 2011

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Shannon’s packed and ready to roll,

here Muppety Faerie friends are taking a stroll,










All bundled up nice and warm,

Off to Montana to the Garden of 1000 Buddhas’ home,








The Faeries, Muppets and Bunnies too

boarded the plane with Allegiant air with whom we flew.








Our stewardess nice and friendly she was,

took a picture with two of us;










At the home of the beautiful garden we found,

a large monument stone onto that we bounded,










And then Great Mother we walked around,

and on the back a new Stupa Relief was found.










The very next day we were pleasantly greeted

with snow on the Buddhas who came to meet us.








Snow angels were made on the white snowy ground,

from which we promptly stood up from the cold all around,









The cute thing we discovered about Buddha too,

is he likes making snow balls with the Muppet Crew.


Poem and Pics by:  Shannon Sullivan

Adventures with:  SDFDC, Muppet Gang and Bunny Friends

Thank you to:  Our Readers


One Response to “A Snowy Trip to the Buddha Garden”

  1. Shelly Rogers Says:

    You rock…Can’t wait to go there!
    Love and Light to you my friend ❤

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