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A Friend Remembered …. December 6, 2011

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Three Ravens cawed

the air went still,

(Photo from FB page 'Rumi' - no copyright info present)

A friend is near death,

they hovered there.

We bring you news

of the Sun that sets

on this  friend’s life

do not be upset.

A tear rolled down my cheek


One tear and then it got

brushed away.

Remember her with love and


Remember all the things in her life

that made the world bright.

So now Hawk circles above

Sending Charlie off with lots of Love. *


*  This poem is dedicated to my client, Charlie, who made her transition this morning at 5:00 a.m. … I am grateful for having had her in my life for the past ten years.


(Photo by: Kati Astraeir)

Poem by:  Shannon Sullivan

Photo on FB page ‘Rumi’ :

Thank you to:  Our Readers




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