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Photo of the Week: “Family” (of A Celebration of Family) November 29, 2011

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"Family" (photo by: shannon sullivan)

















This week I lost part of my family … a friend … my friend Wes, 98 years young, made his way into the Universe! last Wednesday.  I have known Wes for ten years and it has been a pleasure hearing all of his stories …  I would like to share one with you now in loving memory of my friend and family.

When Wes was ten years old, he was living at home with his parents, his brother and his sister.  They were not a wealthy family and were preparing to have Christmas dinner at their house.  His mother was preparing the meal and his father was working while the rest of the family decided to decorate.  Wes’ Uncle stopped by and asked Wes what he wanted for his Christmas present.   Without hesitation he said, “A pony.”  His Uncle nodded and said that was a lovely request.  After the meal that night, Wes and his siblings went to sleep in anticipation of Santa’s arrival. Wes knew he would have a new pony in the morning and looked forward to this gift.  In the early morning Wes and his brother and sister headed downstairs to where the Christmas tree stood and all the gifts.  Wes knew his pony would not be in the house so he didn’t worry that he didn’t see it standing by the tree.  Wes’ Uncle arrived and they began passing out the gifts.  When it was Wes’ turn, his uncle handed him his stocking.  Wes reached inside and grabbed something that was dried, hard and roundish.  He pulled it out of the stocking and in his hand (not a piece of coal) but a horse apple (if you catch my drift … poo) was lying in his palm.  He looked up at Uncle Bill with a question in his eyes to which Uncle Bill said, “We caught you a pony but he took off in the middle of the night and this is all he left behind.”

Wes told me that story more than once and each time we giggled.  Wes informed me that he was none to happy that there was no pony and did actually shed a tear in disappointment.  He said that was the first time he learned what disappointment was.  I am glad he could look back at it later and giggle.

I hope you enjoyed our story sharing and celebrating Wes’ 98 awesome years on this planet with us!  He made it a special place to live.


Photo and Story by:  Shannon Sullivan

Adventures by:  SDFDC – Sonoran Desert Faerie Dust Clan

Thank you to:  Our Readers


One Response to “Photo of the Week: “Family” (of A Celebration of Family)”

  1. Nancy Curteman Says:

    What a lovely gentleman. I think it would be a bit sad for a youngster hoping for a pony to find a horse apple in his stocking. I’m glad he can laugh about it now.

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