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That Was Easy! November 24, 2011

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On this Thanksgiving day I am reminded of all the love and support I have received over the past few months.  When I decided to take my journey over the summer up to Montana, my family, friends, colleagues, clients and people I had never met before all stood behind me.  I had never traveled cross-country before let alone by car let alone on my own and so I was quite nervous.

My friends helped me learn to read maps and gave me ideas for the possible roads I might traverse as I decided to drive through California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho and into Montana.  Quynn, Lis, Edna, Don and Eileen …. all helped me on my new travel adventure.

My colleagues Paula, Theresa and Holly all helped by supporting me through assisting me with my clients while I was on the road.

My family kept in touch with me during my journey supporting me emotionally while I traveled outside my comfort zone.

People I had never met, while I drove, helped me when I needed to find locations or make stops along the way.

One of the things that assisted me a great deal and brought levity and humor along my journey was none other than the “Easy Button” from Staples, a gift I received from my friend, Cynthia.

This “Easy Button” story comes up today quite humorously …  in the parking lot today I approached my car.  Another van was pulling up next to it and the passenger had his window rolled down.  He says to me, “Is that an Easy Button in your car?”  I replied “Yes.”  Then I proceeded to tell him and the driver, both young adults, how I had used this button as a tool on my adventure.  Each day of the drive I felt queasy and nervous about being alone on the road.  My friend, Cynthia, suggested that each time I reached my days destination or goal that I would push the button and it would tell me, “That was easy.”  I relayed this story to the two young persons and the girl told me about how she works at Staples and quite dislikes the button because it annoys her; however, after hearing my story of how it provided me with moral support throughout my trip, she was less inclined to dislike it.  We all laughed about it.

   The Easy Button sits on the dash of my car, Kabura, known as the Warrior.  He has quite a bit of fun with the button as well always trying to push it when I am not looking.  Even after my return from my travels and being among my family, friends and colleagues … I still travel each day with this button on my car’s dashboard.

  So as my Thanksgiving wish, I would like to thank everyone who supports me on my travels through life including the “Easy Button”.  I am truly blessed and grateful.


(Photo and Story:  Shannon Sullivan

Adventures by:  SDFDC – Sonoran Desert Faerie Dust Clan

Thank you to:  Our Readers)


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