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Magical Faerie Dust Makes it to Alberta, Canada! November 4, 2011

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In Canmore at Cougar’s Creek

Sang the Faeries at Judy’s feet …

Telling tales of Lady MacDonald and her land

While they all tumbled around doing handstands.

Judy and the Faeries at Cougar Creek (Photo courtesy: Judy Snesrud)

It was not surprising in their midst

the water flowed through all the twists.

And Judy showed them all the sacred rocks

and of the songs of Earth unlocked.

Gabby gathered up her wings

as she sat upon Judy’s ring

and thus she began to sing

the adventure of the wilderness things.

“Cougars and bears and deer, Oh My,

May all us Faeries be able to Fly ..

If ever we meet these creatures here

Maybe we can hide in the fur of the deer”

Photo by (Under the Influence of Dub)

Here the Three Sisters sit side-by-side

Asking Judy and Faeries to join them, not to hide.

They were all pleased to be welcome here

Knowing there was nothing for the faeries to fear.

Thank you kind Judy for lending your hand

And spreading Magical Faerie Dust in your part of the Land.


We are pleased to share this magical adventure with you …. I met Judy in Costa Rica at the Patch Adams Clowning trip.  I gifted her and the other fabulous clowns small pouches of faerie dust from the Sonora Desert Faerie Dust Clan.   Judy is living in Alberta, Canada and sent me these photos as her time for being a caretaker for the visiting Faerie Clan 😉

Thank you Judy!


(Photos:  Judy Snesrud

Poem:  Shannon Sullivan

Adventures by:  SDFDC

Thank yo to:  Our Readers!


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