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Mimzy Bunny Finds Her Twin Self … October 25, 2011

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It has been said that we all have a “twin self” that lives on the planet at the same moment in time that we do … sometimes we meet them and sometimes we don’t.  Well, Mimzy Bunny and I were on a long bike ride on Sunday morning after a lovely breakfast.  We rode upon our lovely bike friend Lily.  Lily cruised us through many neighborhoods.  We happened upon a most unusual yard sale … out of the corner of my eye … okay, okay … it was more like Scout, our fearless faerie leader from the troop, tapped me on the shoulder and I turned my head.  Mimzy said, “Oh look, more stuffed friends sitting upon the fence.”  Lily pulled over onto the dirt path and we parked.   Gabby of Glee and Mirth flew ahead and let out a loud exclamation, “Look and see!”   Mimzy and I hopped over and well I could hardly believe it with my own eyes … Mimzy’s twin sat upon the fence.   He said, “Good day.”  We all giggled.  “Would you like to hop along home with us?”  I asked him politely seeing that he was a bunny of some scholarship.   “What is your name?”  Gabby asked him.  “William, however, I prefer Will.”  And well that is when Mimzy’s twin, Will, hopped along home with us riding in Lily’s basket.

Mimzy Bunny and William "Will For Short"


Photo and Story:  Shannon Sullivan

Adventures by:  SDFDC – Sonoran Desert Faerie Dust Clan … starring Gabby and Scout,  Additional adventures by Mimzy Bunny and Lily the Bicycle

Thank you to :  Our Readers


3 Responses to “Mimzy Bunny Finds Her Twin Self …”

  1. mothernature Says:


  2. Paula William(s) Says:

    Welcome William
    Thrilled I am
    That you have joined the clan

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