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A Fall Family Clowning Adventure October 14, 2011

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Okie dokie folkies! …. Me and the Sonoran Desert Faerie Dust gang (I do know that the placement of those two subjects in that particular order together is grammatically incorrect … however, being a former English major, I choose to violate rules of grammar often!) … are gearing up for a family fun clowning event.

We’ve got our noses, our big clownie tie and juggling tools … then you put them all together and tada!

Okay … well … that is only the beginning of the outfit and such!   I will add much more … tutus and all but it is a start … I have been given the opportunity to participate at a Fall Family Festival at Shea Hospital in Scottsdale.   The Faeries and myself (see … told ya!) were given an invitation by Dr. Chuckles (Jerry Eisen), whom we met on our travels to Costa Rica in August, to clown with him and his fellow clownies for a children’s celebration event at the hospital.   I am looking forward to having fun with all the kiddies!

Meet Dr. Chuckles

Wish me lots ‘o luck!  I could use some awesome cheerleaders!


(Pics and Story by:  Shannon Sullivan

Adventures by:  Snort (my clownie self) and the SDFDC

Thank you to: Our readers!)


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