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Ralph, Ralph the dog Meets Kit October 12, 2011

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This past weekend, we, myself, the SDFDC (Sonoran Desert FAerie Dust Clan, and Ralph the Dog, ventured with our friends up to visit and camp at Mt. Lemmon in Tucson,AZ.   Ralph the dogs’ most favorite two adventures that he wants to report were … sitting by the fire keeping warm in the freezing (unexpected!) temperatures:

….. and meeting his new doggie friend, Kit, who took to Ralph immediately … it was love at first sight! 😉

… well, atleast on Ralph’s part it was, Kit is a bit picky sometimes so it took a while for her to warm up to Ralph … that and the faeries helped get them acquainted, acting a chaperons 😉 ..  and while they had their play date, we got to do yoga in the forest!

Of course, one must always have clownie socks on to do yoga … it makes it so much funner! 😉

The campsite we were located in was 7500 feet in Mt. Lemmon … well, Tucson which is around 2000 feet had a “winter” front come through the day before our planned trip … being a native arizonan of the hot kind, I was not prepared for the snow that drifted on us when we arrived at the campsite on Friday afternoon!  Wow 😉  The faeries all nestled their noses and wings inside my mittens making it hard to go gather wood for our fire.  We managed somehow though.

Belle Faerie flew to me quickly and out of breath saying that we were in danger … I asked her what she was going on about … she explained there was a man in the woods with an axe and clown nose traipsing about … I giggled … I took her by the hand and we went to the forest … I asked Don to take off his clown nose and wooly cap … Belle breathed a sigh of relief … I told her that it was only Don clownin’ around and gathering wood for the fires for the campsite.  Belle went and tugged on his ear scolding him.  He just grinned and went back to gathering more firewood.

The next day upon surviving the cold morning, we gathered for storytime and enjoyed the rest of the lovely day – especially once it warmed up!  I had to defrost the faeries wings near the fire just so they could go off and investigate 😉   Scout suggested that next time we make covers for their wings so as to prevent possible wing-bite.  Thank goodness for extra body heat to keep us all warm and snugly.


(Photos by:  Shannon Sullivan

 Adventures by:  SDFDC, and Ralph the Dog

  Thank you to:  Our friends and family


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