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Weekly Photo Challenge: “Faces” September 16, 2011

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Today I was given the gift of two faces in nature.  I was at my friend Patricia’s house and we were in her lovely garden out back.  I took a gander in her pond and discovered the beautiful faces in the water.

The first face was the shape of a heart that had formed in the lily pad’s cup of water ….

The next “face” in the pond is a water faerie … now yes … she is a Lily pad … however, please use your imagination to see the outline of a young girl that the leaf has formed … she floats along the water and wishes well to all she greets … her name of course is Lily!

Lily (photo by: Shannon Sullivan)

These are the faces in nature that greeted me today …. and so  I love to share them with you.


(Photos by:  Shannon Sullivan

Faces provided by:  Mama Gaia

Location:  Pond of Patricia Bowne

Thank you to :  Our Readers)


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