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“Kachina Cholla Medicine Healer” September 10, 2011

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Yesterday, I had the fortune of running into (well not literally because that would not be such a fortunate event) a beautiful Cholla cactus on one of my faerie dust adventures.  My boyfriend, Don, and I were cruising the desert on our bikes, when Gabby, of the SDFDC, flew over to us saying, “Look, look” .. we noticed one of the Cholla standing in a precarious position.  It looked almost as if he had been dancing and when we had looked, he had stopped in his tracks.  Don and I giggled thinking he looked like he was doing a medicine healing on some of the other plants.  The Faeries and ourselves took a quick photo and we called this the “Kachina Cholla Medicine Healer” then went along our way so as not to interrupt his ceremony.

Kachina Cholla Medicine Healer (Photo by: Shannon SUllivan)

He dances lithely in the desert

turning and spinning

and running about

he picks the stones and flowers

up off the ground

and presents them to

the other trees

that need healing

piece by piece.

Although his spines are

sharp and pointy

his medicine is like

liquid light.

He is friends with the sky

and speaks to the clouds

and asks for rain

when its allowed.

His right hand heals

his left hand make rhythm

together the sound and the light

bring the desert healing

each night.



Poem and Photo:  Shannon Sullivan

Adventures by:  SDFDC – Sonoran Desert Faerie Dust Clan

Thank you to:  Our Readers!


4 Responses to ““Kachina Cholla Medicine Healer””

  1. elisabeth black Says:

    great poem and visioning!

  2. faeriemagic Says:

    Thank you Miss Elisabeth

  3. Nancy Curteman Says:

    Kachina Cholla looks like a creature I’d like to know. Great photo.

  4. faeriemagic Says:

    Thank you Nancy. Yes he is a good fellow to know 🙂

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