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Costa Rica Pre-Trip Shannanigans! August 21, 2011

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Hi all!   The SDFDC (Sonoran Desert Faerie Dust Clan), the Muppet Gang and myself are preparing for out adventure to Costa Rica.  The program is called “Clowning and Caring in Costa Rica”.  It is with the Geshundeit Institute! with Patch Adams.

The two muppets in the crew that are joining me are Gonzo, we all figured his big nose would lend to some good laughter, and Fozie Bear, well because he is the comedian of the muppet gang.  As he always says, “Waka waka waka” …

As you can see, Gonzo is so excited about the adventure that he was practicing putting on his hot pink clown nose and well Fozzie Bear already has a hot pink nose permanently!    Because there is some rain this time of year in Costa Rica we found a super fabulous awesome umbrella who is a cute ladybug to tag along on the journey!

  During our journey with the group, we get the opportunity to visit clinics and hospitals around Costa Rica.  Our friend, Quynn, who knows that I have a giraffe hand puppet to take with me found a giraffe outfit for us to sport when having fun with the youngsters.  Belle from the SDFDC said, “Shannon, Shannon put on the outfit and show everyone.”   …

My partner in Clown crime, Gonzo, is donning his clown nose as well, unfortunately we were unable to find one smaller so that his whole head disappears when he wears it!   We will be staying at a hostel called “Backpackers in Costa Rica” for our lodging with the group.  Melanie, the coordinator, sent us our itinerary yesterday.  We will be visiting a barrio, a hospital clinic, a rehab hospital and a children’s hospital to name just a few places in our journey.

Waka-waka-waka …..


(Photos and Story by:  Shannon Sullivan

Adventures by:  SDFDC and the Muppet Gang

Thank you to:  Our Readers)


5 Responses to “Costa Rica Pre-Trip Shannanigans!”

  1. Jeanne Casey Says:

    hi Shannon,
    I will be so happy to see you for real. YOU look like you are into soooo much fun. TAke care, travel safely and live it all. Love, Jeanne

  2. faeriemagic Says:

    Thank you Jeanne. I am having a good time and this trip should be a great learning experience. I will see you soon. Thank you for your support 🙂

  3. mothernature Says:

    What fun, clowning around in Costa Rica! Ah the joys of youth!

  4. Nanette Knight Says:

    The picture of you is so cute. Have fun!

  5. Nancy Curteman Says:

    You have such a fascinating life. Costa Rica! My my. Enjoy your trip with your co stars.

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