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Faerie Dust Travel Log 10: Fabulous Fun in Montana August 15, 2011

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While the Sonoran Desert Faerie Dust Clan, the Muppet Gang and I were in Montana, we experienced the terrain of many awesome locations ….

In the town so near

only 12 miles from here

St. Ignatius mission sits

and we go to visit it …

Inside the mission we did climb

to see what wondrous things waited inside,

the paintings on the lovely walls

greeted us with smiles and light …..

As the light shone on the paintings around us

everything began to glow

and we were glad to be standing there

amongst it all….

Then on our way to the Bison Range

we went, to find the Buffalo

roaming the beautiful terrain ….

Kermie and Piggy were anxious

to take a picture

at the park for everyone

to see where they had been …

While we roamed with the Buffalo

in their expansive home,

we were pleasantly greeted

by a deer and her fawn….

It wasn’t too long before we made our way

from the Bison’s Home Range to the

Thompson Falls place … where we were

greeted by water and delight …

The Faeries of the Sonoran Desert Clan were so

delighted by the mist of the water

flowing around their wings

that we spread bubbles of joy to follow in …

These were just some of the adventures

we saw in Montana

while we worked our way home

helping with the Buddhas at the Garden.


(Poem and Pics by:  Shannon Sullivan

  Adventures by:  SDFDC, Muppet Gang and You!

  Thank you to :  Our Readers!


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