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Faerie Dust Travel Log 8: Idaho Falls and Arlee Powwows July 28, 2011

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Our next excursion on the way to Arlee took us through three states in one day …. who knew … apparently up near Spokane, before crossing into Montana, one gets to traverse the pan handle of Idaho ….

Scout pointed out that we were in the right location by showing us a road sign:

(I won’t tell you that I snapped this photo while driving …. I won’t tell you that at all because I know it would be completely inappropriate … I will just say that magically, Belle, of the SDFDC – Sonoran Desert Faerie Dust Clan – just happened to know how to operate the camera while Scout and Gabby held the camera up, Belle, snapped the photo … yes that is what happened ….)

Anyways … we knew we were on the right trail (being that my own last name happens to be Sullivan) …. luckily, shortly after finding Sullivan Road through Idaho, we found our way to Idaho Falls Park ….

“I wonder where the ‘falls’ are in the park?”  pondered Kermie to Miss Piggy …. “I bet Twig can find them,” stated Kermie, who knew that Twig was good at finding lost things … While we waited for Twigs return on locating the falls, we conversed with a near-by goose … we asked if they happened to know the geese in the Oregon Park.   “Ah, yes, they are relatives for sure.   How are they doing?”  We informed the other geese that in fact their relatives were doing well although it had been quite rainy the day we visited.

  Twig flew back and informed us he had indeed found the falls and we should go take a gander (get it) and enjoy the view ….

…..  Upon the ground around our feet, the water shook and creeked and then we wondered with much guess if another human would take our photo in front of one such place ….. Low and behold another human did appear and snapped our group photo….

At last on the road we drove again … happy for the view of the water and trees …. we drove into Arlee, Montana just in time to attend part of the annual Intertribal Powwow ….

…… Here is a short informational post about the Powwow and its originations ….

 …. Scout, Twig, Belle and I inquired if photos were permissible at the event … we were told that yes we could take photographs; however, we should not use them for any other purpose other than to share with others out of respect for the celebration (we ask that other readers refrain from lifting the photograph for use) …..  We watched as one of the elders prepared for the snake dance that we were priveleged to witness …  all the faeries wings fluttered with excitement …

(Photo by: Shannon Sullivan)

We enjoyed two days of the Powwow and its musical dancing celebration …. that is when we finally arrived in Arlee … ready to do some work at the Garden of 1000 Buddhas …. (but that is another story …)


(Story and Photos by:  Shannon Sullivan

  Adventures by:  SDFDC Sonoran Desert Faerie Dust Clan & The Muppet Gang

  Thank you to :  Our Readers)


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