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Faerie Dust Travel Log 6: Faerie Dust on the Oregon Trail July 12, 2011

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Now I would like all to know that I did indeed safely reach Arlee, Montana and the Garden of 1000 Buddhas …. I know my last post was of my adventure to Mount Shasta and the awesome hike that I was able to go on ….. I have been busy as a bee helping here at the Buddha Garden but want to keep you posted with the continued driving escapade that I took ….

After we all cruised out of California … our next main stop was Portland!   The Muppet Crew and the Faeries of the Sonoran Faerie Dust Clan asked who we were going to visit ….  “Our friend, Quynn, her mom has a Faerie Adventureland in Portland that we get to visit.”   All the faeires were atwitter with the possibility of meeting some new faerie friends.

On our drive towards Portland, Kermie and Piggy decided they needed a potty break … so we pulled over to a rest area just before reaching Eugene …. words of wisdom greeted us on the door of the bathroom stall we entered …. “Life is short. enjoy it.” …

We headed back on the road and made our way around curves and turns and mountains and beautiful scenery …. except Button decided he would fly ahead and meet us in Portland, “I am getting motion sickness from making all these curves and turns in the car.  I will meet you at Sue Ellen’s place!”   We all agreed this was for the best but asked him to be careful on his journey there … we don’t know what kind of other flying critters roam the area and might mistake Button for a juicy snack.   As we passed by Myrtle Creek, Mimzy asked if we could all stop at the bridge and water for a picnic, “I would love for us to do some drumming here,” Mimzy stated.   It took us three tries to figure out where to park and where the walking path down to the creek was but we did it … and this time the WHOLE CREW wanted to take a photo….

This family portrait will definitely be one to remember …. Gonzo was a bit miffed that all you could see was his big blue nose but we all reassured him this was his best feature!    The creek was flowing nicely and is apparently used as a fishing spot as well from what we could tell with all the trucks parked up top ..

 The faeries decided to create a circle for our drumming ceremony by the water.   While they did that, I put all the kids back in the tote so they wouldn’t get lost or possibly eaten by a hungry bear who might be camping out waiting for a Muppet Meal ….. after our drumming session, we found an awesome piece of driftwood that looked like the mask of an eagle face and we were quite pleased, ….. (Scout is nudging me to tell our readers that it was he who located the piece of wood in the first place … I told Scout it was a group effort but I would give him credit if he liked …)   Scout flew over once the drumming had ceased and flapped his wings in excitement … “Look what I found for us!”    I pulled the piece of wood from the bush and we were all shocked and awed and grateful!

     I asked Gabby what gift we should leave in return for the gift we were given and she said she would sprinkle some of our Sonoran Desert Faerie Dust in the area to leave as a thank you.   …. Our next stop had us in downtown Portland where Miss Piggy was extremely excited about … she felt much more at home in the city than the country,  “I am definitely a city Pig!”  she declared after spending many days in the wilderness.

I would agree Miss Piggy, who is quite charming and elegant, does like the city more than the wilderness but I must say she does a great job in the wilderness as well!   We all met Sue Ellen at Powell’s Bookstore downtown and were greeted into the faerie kingdom of  Scappoose in Oregon …..

     We had to say the magical faerie word in order to enter Sue Ellen’s magical faerieland ….. Belle guessed, “Whimsy” and Gabby guessed, “Glitter,”   Button who had safely arrived guessed, “Leaf eaters” and Scout guessed , “Twilight”  …. but the one who guessed correctly was Twig … with the word, “Supercalifragiliticexpedalidocious” …. “How do you guess that?” we all asked Twig … he said, “I thought I saw Mary Poppins fly by” …

Kermie and Piggy were the last ones through the door and into the magical land where Sue Ellen showed us the room we would be residing in for the evening …. all the faeries were busy playing with all of the instruments that were placed about in the room … for faeries, you see, LOVE to make lots of noise …

   Mimzy took a photo of her and the faerie dust in the window of our room … this was our view while we took temporary shelter here … the first resident of non-human form that we had the opportunity to meet was Leila, Sue Ellen’s puppy dog.  Leila talked us into playing soccer with her!

   We had a grand time playing soccer.  Then Leila and Sue Ellen gave us a grand tour of their Faerie Kingdom … much of it is a secret held from humans but I can show you just a little bit so you have an idea of the great location we were able to explore …

  We will lead you outside of our path and back into reality as we leave the faerie kingdom in Sue Ellen’s shared world ……

  We all send our readers off to bed with sweet dreams of many more fabulous adventures to come ……


(Story and Pics by:  Shannon Sullivan

  Adventures by:  SDFDC (Sonoran Desert Faerie Dust Clan), Muppet Crew and Mimzy Bunny

  Thank you to:  Our Readers)


4 Responses to “Faerie Dust Travel Log 6: Faerie Dust on the Oregon Trail”

  1. nrhatch Says:

    Wonderful photo journal. Glad you’re all enjoying the trip!

  2. faeriemagic Says:

    Thank you Nancy 🙂

  3. Lovely photos as always. Life is short. Enjoy it. Great philosophy. Remember also that later is now.

  4. Paula Says:

    I love the journal. And glad you arrived safely. Enjoy!

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