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Faerie Dust Travel Log Day Five: Mount Shasta Hike July 4, 2011

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Okay there folks … sorry I have been delayed in posting my trip thus far … my many excursions and much driving left no time to write as I would have hoped but I shall try to catch you up on some of the adventures … when last I left you we had just arrived in Mount Shasta … fortunately, the day after I arrived, we still had beautiful weather … all the Faerie Folk as well as the Muppet Crew decided we should stay the day and try to hike.   We were greeted in the morning to a beautiful Cloud Lion who joined us on the mountain ….

Lion Cloud

We decided to drive up to the mountainside and on the drive up as we reached the hiking trail Scout cried out, “Snow, there’s snow!”  …. The Muppet Crew, who had never seen snow before, jittered with excitement … so we pulled over (to a safe stopping point … thank you mom) and had a snow ball fight ….. I instructed the faerie clan to watch for frostbite on the tips of their wings …

We all looked around and Piggy pointed out, “Lookie, guys, Mount Shasta is peaking out at us …. let’s on our way, shall we”   …. So we all gathered back in the car and headed up the mountain drive but not before taking another photo of beautiful Mount Shasta …. I am told that many days Shasta is covered in cloud and fog so we were blessed with two days of awesome sunny-ness!

When we reached the top of the road, we noticed we couldn’t drive as far back as we had liked …. the road was closed due to too much snow recently so we parked and looked around.  Gabby said worriedly, “Uhm, Shannon, I don’t think we should hike that trail of snow with no signs …. if you get lost in there … well we are from the desert not the snow.”  I agreed with them.  Just when we had decided NOT to hike, Button flew over and said, “Guys, Guys …. look there is a kids camp group over by the sign.”  We all looked and sure enough there was.  “What do you think we should do?”   … “Let’s go see if we can join them,” Gabby suggested.   So that’s exactly what we did …. Annie, the camp guide for the group, saw us walking up (Kermie and Piggy were poking their heads out of our pants pocket) and I asked, “Do you mind if we hike with you?”   Her and the rest of their group cordially invited us to join them! Yay!

We would like to introduce you to Kermie and Piggy’s newest friend, Kallie … she wanted a photo op with the famous couple and we took the opportunity to stop and say “Cheese!” …….

As we all began our hike into the snowy region of the base of Mount Shasta, faerie dust was reported on the trail ….. “This should be good!”  ….  I asked Button, “Did one of you go ahead of the group and put magical faerie dust on the trail?”   All the faeries of the Sonoran Desert Faerie Dust Clan all shrugged their shoulders as if they didn’t know what we were talking about …. hmmm …. what could the magical faerie dust lead to?

Hot on the trail of the faerie dust was our travel companion whom was travelling with the Palo Cedro Kids Camp … a six week old German Shepard pup called “Pup Pup” …. in a high-pitched excited voice he squeaked, “I’m on the prowl … I will find the treasure at the end of the faerie dust trail ….”  tail wagging, slipping and sliding in the snow, Pup Pup saddled along …

“Look, look!  I found it, I found it!”  Twig cried ….. we all ran to look …. lying on the ground , was a gift, a new hiking staff ….. it was a branch from a Pine Tree …. “Ooooohhhhhh …. so cool!” ……..

Kermie and Piggy said, “Look … there’s a seat just for us on the new staff!” …. A perfect seat for the kids …. as you can see in the photo!   Our goal as the group was to make it up to “Horse Camp Lodge” where we would get to collect sacred spring water from the stream there.   Scout told the group he would locate the camp for us and report back..  Ten minutes later he flew back … we’re only half-mile from the site … keep going!

The last thing we did before we headed back down the trail was collected water from the spring ….. Belle said, “The water is so yummy!” …. we all dipped a cup into the spring and sipped from it ……..

We are glad that you could share this adventure with us … now take in mind this was about a week ago …. but hopefully, you, dear readers, will enjoy it as much as if it just happened! ……


(Story and Photos by:  Shannon Sullivan

  Adventures by:  SDFDC (Sonoran Desert Faerie Dust Clan), Muppet Crew, Mimzy was unable to attend the hike due to lack of travel arrangements

  Thank you to:  Our Readers)


5 Responses to “Faerie Dust Travel Log Day Five: Mount Shasta Hike”

  1. Your photos make me want to sprinkle dust on myself and travel with you.

  2. nrhatch Says:

    Glad you enjoyed Mount Shasta and the lovely Spring Water. 😀

  3. faeriemagic Says:

    Thank you Nancy. Me too 🙂

  4. Sara Says:

    Kermie & Piggy Faeries are so lucky to travel with you. The pic on the stick was my favorite! I agree with Nancy C. who wants to sprinkle faery dust on myself to travel with you… but I guess giant-size will have to do! Someday, Bucket List trip together… maybe a Tribe women trip.

  5. Faerie Magic Says:

    Tribe Women Trip! Sweet 🙂

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