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Faerie Dust Travel Log: Day Four – Sacramento and Mount Shasta June 27, 2011

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Our travel log brings us to day Four – Sunday,  26 June 2011

We entered Sacramento City around noon on Sunday and the gang decided they wanted to picnic at the State Park …. Twig “ooh’d and ah’d” as we came to the bridge of the park ….

I sent Scout ahead of us to scope out a good spot to eat some lunch …. he flew back and said, “I found a great spot and met some new faerie friends as well” …..  Our wondrous picnic location was among a family of friendly tree folk ….

This park is known as the “Discovery Park” … what did we discover ……. well, after eating and filling our bellies … we discovered first a grove of Tree Kin who created a den perfect for some drumming ….

Mimzy, Kermie and Piggy decided they wanted a family portrait in the park so they could remember what a beautiful day it was ……. All around us people were riding their bikes and swimming in the nearby lake … We were all grateful for beautiful weather!

Kermie said he wasn’t too happy with this photo because it looked like he was trying to catch flies with his mouth open so wide … I tried to tell him that sometimes I don’t take the most flattering photos … he understood … Mimzy was quite pleased with her photo though!   On our way out of the park all the Faerie Folk including myself needed a potty break before getting back on the road … just as we parked, we happened upon a huge Faerie Den from the Sacramento Clan of Faerie Kin …. we knocked but unfortunately no one was home … Belle saw a sign posted on the tree … “Gone swimmin’ … be back in a flash” …. A nice woman took all of our photos together to share with our own family.

Our next driving goal was to make it to Mount Shasta … could we do it?   We were going to do our darndest …. Belle, Gabby and Button (the singers of the Sonoran Desert Faerie Dust Clan)  sang songs all the way to Mount Shasta just to keep all of us entertained and awake!   Thanks guys!  We had the opportunity for another photo opportunity at Shasta Lake View Point where a young man kindly took another family portrait.   Kermie saw the water and wanted to go for a swim so I let him head down to the water and hop around for a while until I reminded everyone we still had to drive one more hour before stopping for the night!

As we drove closer and closer into Shasta City …. the Peak of Mount Shasta greeted us happily smiling upon us …. Twig, who is known for his outbursts, blurted out, “Land Ho!” …. I said, “Well, Twig, we are already on land … that’s what sailors would say when they were on water looking for land.”    …. “Oh,”  he said …”Well then, Mountain Ho!” ….  We all giggled ….

We arrived in the heart of Shasta City on the main boulevard …..  once we were settled in our quarters, Belle suggested getting some grub … so we headed over to Lily’s Garden Cafe where Kermie and Piggy wanted a couple’s portrait for their travel log ….  to see what yummy food was available check out their website 😉 …. ….. once we had eaten they even let us all hang out and use their computer services for free!   Button ended up helping in the kitchen because he knocked over some cups when he flew into the dining area to grab our waiter’s attention …. I told him not to be in such a hurry!

We all made a group decision to stay in Mount Shasta an extra day to do some hiking …. There, apparently, was more snow on the mountain than normal …  they had received fresh snowfall three weeks prior to our arrival … fortunately for us the weather was a sunny 72 degress (sorry Tucson and Yuma family folk …. )…  Our next travel log will be all about our adventure in the snow!


(Photos and Fun by:  Shannon Sullivan

  Adventures by:  SDFDC (Sonoran Desert Faerie Dust Clan) , Muppet Crew and Mimzy

  Thank you again to our family of reader folk)


2 Responses to “Faerie Dust Travel Log: Day Four – Sacramento and Mount Shasta”

  1. Have you ever hiked Mount Shasta? I’ve always wanted to do it. I wonder if it’s too late to put it on my bucket list.

  2. faeriemagic Says:

    Got to hike it a couple of days ago … it is never too late! 🙂

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