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Faerie Dust Travel Log: Day Three June 26, 2011

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Day Three of Adventure on  Saturday June 25, 2011 ….

We began our journey on the Pacific Coast Highway in San Clemente …. actually Gabby kept prodding me, “Ask the hotel manager how to get on the Highway 1, Coastal Highway, Pacific Coast Highway, Highway 101 … (apparently all the same thing at different points in the route) …”   she jabbed me in the ribs …. which actually felt more like tickling since she is so tiny …. “Ok, Ok” …. “Excuse me miss … how do I get on Highway 1?”  I querried … she just starred at me like I had two heads … hmmm … then I noticed a man sitting on couch in the lobby and I turned to him and asked him.  He said, “You see that street right in front of us?”  I said, “Yes.”  He smirked, “Take a left from the hotel and thats it. You’re on it.”   Well, I blushed but well that was easy … hmmm … We stopped at Dana Point to do some morning yoga and to take some beach photos.

We began our trek down Pacific Coast Highway …. our intention … to make it to Santa Barbara …. ha, ha, ha … that is NOT what happened!   I greatly underestimated the travel time of the PCH and also should have picked it up at a different location; however, I am glad to say that I did try and I will have to venture again to it when I have more time allotted for that …. we did happen to pass by Pepperdine University and Mimzy piped up in her quiet voice, “Uhm, Mom, I think I would like to go there.”  I said, “Well Mimzy … you are a special bunny … I am sure they would grant you a scholarship.”  …. Well, she wanted to go to attend the University … all that the faeries of the Sonoran Desert Faerie Dust Clan could see was the green slope of the campus and they all shouted, “Can we go roll down that grassy hill!  Pleasssssssssse!”

All of us decided we wanted to stop at the beach in Malibu and investigate the cliffs and the stones and the beautiful ocean …. the temperature outside was a nice 79 degrees … Scout noticed that the left side of my arm, face and leg were getting toasty red and he said, “Uhm, that is why Don gave you that gift of sunscreen for the ‘driver’s tan’ syndrome with the sun filtering through the window … except you know you won’t tan!”  Oh yeah … thank you Don for the sunscreen and thank you Scout for reminding me.

Then we investigated the cliffs of Malibu … finding stones and flowers and many various insects ………………….

Belle said, “Make sure you get a photo of yourself as well please ….”   I shrugged my shoulders …. “You know they don’t turn out as well …”  She giggled and said “Too bad!” ………….

 ………………   So at this point I tracked the time and the distance … we had traveled 120 miles …. it took us five hours …. uh oh …. and Santa Barbara was no where near where we were ….. yikes! …. It was time to look at map and find a different route!   We ended up on the Santa Paula freeway …. I took this as a good omen since my deceased Grandma Paula is always looking out for me.  We stopped at an orchard for some fresh fruit … Lilith wanted the peaches and Scout wanted the strawberries.  I wanted a banana and Belle and Gabby wanted oranges … we took one of each and shared … a fruit salad!

After lunch we headed toward the I-5 to make up for some lost time and our goal was Sacramento before night …. that didn’t happen either … but we were close … on our way we enjoyed seeing Pyramid Lake and meeting a couple of new friends … Chris the Park Ranger and his dog, Moxy, a rescued hound dog …. they agreed to take our photo, thank goodness 😉

Miss Piggy, who is always checking her appearance, said, “Miss Shannon .. hmm … what happened to your hair?”  … I said, “Well, Piggy if you recall I had the windows down … this is my windblown look!”  I know, I know … she would have fixed her hair before getting a photo taken 😉

We made it to Santa Nella for the evening …… then we all crashed out! ************************************************************************************************************************88


(Tales and Pics:  Shannon Sullivan

 Adventuresome group:  Mimzy Bunny, the Muppet Crew and the Faeries of the SDFDC

  Thank you to: Chris and Moxy for taking our pic!

   Thank you to:  Our Readers 😉 )


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