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Faerie Dust Travel Log: Day Two June 25, 2011

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Day Two of our Adventure begins outside in the Dunes of Yuma in a Galaxy Far, Far Away ( this, of course, being a Star Wars reference …. and part of the original Star Wars films were shot outside of Yuma in the Dunes!) … the Sonoran Desert Faerie Dust Clan along with the Muppet Crew and Mimzy Bunny wanted to venture into the hills of the Dunes early in the morning …. luckily for us, it was not windy …

Button pointed out to me that this would be the absolute best location to do a drumming, especially at the start of our long journey …..  “Thank you for the idea Button,”  I said.  He blushed, cleared his throat and replied, “No problem.”

The whole clan loved the drumming and felt that our journey was ready to get under way ….. Belle even made up a little song for our trip …. “Can I share it with our readers?”  I kindly asked her.  She wasn’t so sure because she isn’t quite as gregarious as Gabby.   She did finally consent after much contemplation.  It went something like this,  “Sing a song of joy and love , and may the fair winds bless us from above,  sing a song of joy and grace, and may we receive kindness that puts a smile upon our face.” …. We headed west and were met with a sight that although we have traveled this part of the I-8 route many a time, we had never noticed … a sign about “Historical Desert Tower” in Jacumba.

……. We all decided to pay the $3.50 to climb the lofty tower … Kermie and Piggy hid in my pocket so we wouldn’t have to pay for their fee and the Faerie Dust Clan just flew to the top and met us up there …. one advantage to having wings!

Kermie turned a bit green when we reached the top … apparently he has a fear of heights that we were all unaware of …. “Well, I did come from a lily pad in a pond.  ”  he said to me …. then we all meandered outdoors and headed to the caves across the way.  Kermie and Piggy found a “Lover’s Den” to snuggle in while I and the rest of the SDFDC went investigating ….

On our way out of the historic park, we were met with a strange sight …. Scout pulled on my sleeve … he said, “I don’t think we were the first or last visitors to this location …”   (speaking of a galaxy far, far away):

Next … we continued our drive out west where everyone seemed to have fallen asleep, except me, the driver, thank goodness … not until we reached La Jolla did Mimzy wake up from her nap and say, “Can we stop at the Birch Aquarium?”   Mimzy rarely asks for much so I decided to stop and check it out …..

Once we entered the park, however, holy cow, we were almost eaten by a shark!   Luckily he doesn’t like faeries, bunnies, piggies or froggies so we all escaped with our lives !

Gabby and Belle came flying out of the aquarium, bouncing around … “Shannon, Shannon … come look at the most beautiful sea creatures we have ever seen!”   They are members of the Leafy Seadragon clan and here is a beautiful picture that shows the creativity of nature herself!

Mother Nature's Creativity (photo by: Shannon Sullivan)

We ended our first leg of the journey in San Clemente where the kids bid you a fond adieu … for now 😉


(Story and Photos by:  Shannon Sullivan

  Adventures by:  SDFDC, Muppet Gang and Mimzy

  Thank you to:  Our Readers!)


2 Responses to “Faerie Dust Travel Log: Day Two”

  1. David Says:

    Great adventures being had by all!!! Fun & safe travels for the whole gang.

  2. faeriemagic Says:

    Thank you David! 😉

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