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A Proud Auntie & Another Graduation Celebration! June 18, 2011

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“Guess what? Guess what?”  I replied after getting off the phone with my mom …. “What?”  shouted gleefully the SDFDC, Sonoran Desert Faerie Dust Clan!  “My nephew, Cole, a.k.a. ‘CJ Dragonfly Rider’ (in the Realm of Faerie) is graduating from kindergarten.  What about we take a trip to Yuma and participate?”   Everyone nodded in agreement and immediately began to pack their flower carrying cases  … “Don’t tell them you are coming down though”  giggled Button.  “Good idea,”  I said.  “A surprise!”

On this celebration day

full of smiles and laughs

and sounds of play,

CJ Dragonfly Rider

is having fun celebrating

his kindergarten

graduation day!

Kermie, Piggy and the

Faerie Dust Clan

all gather round

and make joyful sounds

of clapping and singing

and alphabet rhymes

all the children gather together

in unison and shine

with delight and glee

making funny faces

with their siblings

while they play.

Smiling Gnomie,

Cole’s brother of three,

runs wildly around

wanting to be free.

With a cap on his head

a diploma in hand,

Cole strolls down the stage

where he stops and he stands.

I snap a photo of him

all smiles and light

where he stands all

sparkling and bright.

I am very proud of him

this faerie nephew of mine

who loves to sing

to dance


to climb rocks


His mom and his dad,

Grandparents and all

are so excited for him

as he has learned

many new things

through his adventures

in school.

But most of all its

his Auntie who is

proudest of all!

Just as I say that last line

with a smile,

the faeries remind me

that isn’t the whole

truth at all …

Belle and Button,

Twig and Gabby,

Scout and Doris

from the

Sonoran Faerie Dust Clan

say they are

CJ Dragonfly Rider’s biggest fan!








We hoped you enjoyed this Graduation journey and poem and appreciate sharing this event with our readers!  Who in your life are you proud of and why?


(Poem and Pics by:  Shannon Sullivan

Inspiration by:  SDFDC & Muppet Gang

Thank you to:  Our Readers!)


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