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That’s Awkward! May 24, 2011

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Well, apparently, even Christains make mistakes …. atleast a good sense of humor helps alleviate some of the Post-Rapture Stress!

  I was asking the faerie friends of the SDFDC (Sonoran Desert Faerie Dust Clan) if they had moments like this … Button was about to back out of the room when all the other faeries started giggling and said, “Share your story Button!”  I explained to Button how sharing stories with others can be a helpful resource.   Relcutantly Button agreed but only under the condtions that no one was allowed to make fun of him …. so apparently one day all the faeries of the clan gathered to play one of their usual games “Button Button Whose Got the Button” as described in a previous post …. ( ) … so the idea is that Button goes to hide and all the other faeries have to go look for him.  Because he such a good chameleon and can change his shape quickly, it is often hard to find him … well, this one day he went high into a large Palo Verde and as the other faeries were searching for him he turned into a butterfly shape.  What he didn’t realize was a hungry ‘ole bird was perched on the branch above him and thought what a tasty snack that would make.  So the Finch, Yellobeak, as he was called, swooped down.  Just before Button’s poor wing was grabbed he spied Yellowbeak and shifted back into a faerie. Poor Yellowbeak was so startled he flapped his wings in alarm which hit Button in the chest and pushed him off the branch he had been hiding on.  The first thing that happened was luck, he plopped into the crook of the tree branches.  The second thing that happened was what we would describe as “Awkward”.   The short bottoms his mom Faerie, Dora, had made for him tore and his poor old fanny was bared naked to the rest of the forest.   All the faeries from below snickered and giggled.  The lizards wagged their tales in amuzement.  The javelina family that was passing by at the time snorted and grinned.   Button went red blushing from head to tail (his tooshy tail that is).  Yellowbeak hopped over and picked him up and handed him a couple of leaves to cover up with.  

  I am sure there are times in all of our lives that a good sense of humor comes in handy …. so Dear Readers … what might be specific instances in your life that you would like to share with others?


(Story:  Shannon Sullivan

  Side-tale:  Courtesy of Yellowbeak and Button 😉

Thank you to our Readers! 😉 …)


2 Responses to “That’s Awkward!”

  1. nrhatch Says:

    Loved the post. The billboard, Button going “unbuttoned” and the funny faces at the end.

    Thanks, Shannon.

  2. faeriemagic Says:

    Thank you Nancy … I had fun with this one especially the image of Button’s bottom 🙂

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