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Happy Mother’s Day! Mama Tara’s Commemeration May 8, 2011

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We, the SDFDC (Sonoran Faerie Dust Clan) and myself, introduced our readers to Mama Tara the Keeper of the River Resource Park through several posts.   (  and ) … she had kindly asked us to create a decorated commemorative ornament to place next to her so people know who she is as they pass by.  As a Mother Earth’s Day, I finished creating the cement stone decorated with beautiful shards of sea glass, shells and beads.

It was rough going at first … the faeries wanted to handle the pieces of glass to make the flowers but I feared for their well-being worried they might cut their delicate skin.  I gave them all their own jobs.  Twig and Gabby strung the beaded necklace into a decorative pattern.  Button, of course, placed the pretty button into the wet cement.  He jumped up and down on the button squishing it into place.  I tried to warn him not to jump to high but he fell into the cement anyway.  It took all of us to get him cleaned up so his wings wouldn’t solidify.   Belle, of course, placed the two small bells gently into the cement tinkling the bells each once before pushing them into their place.  Scout, who loves the beach, had the job of placing the seashells.

I, myself, handled the sea glass creating flowers around the border.  All of us did the stamping for the commemeration:

“In Gratitude of Mama Tara”

Here is our finished work:

"In Gratitude to Mama Tara"

We all agree that she will be quited pleased with her Mother Earth Day’s gift!


(Written by and Photo by:  Shannon Sullivan

Inspiration by:  SDFDC and Mama Tara

Thank you to:  Our Readers!)


5 Responses to “Happy Mother’s Day! Mama Tara’s Commemeration”

  1. nrhatch Says:

    Great communial effort, Shannon. It’s gorgeous!

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  3. faeriemagic Says:

    Thank you Nancy … I like how it turned out 😉

  4. nrhatch Says:

    I tried to comment on Task Completed! . . . but it’s gone missing. 😉

  5. faeriemagic Says:

    I know … when I went to post it … half of it had disappeared … so I have to start all over

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