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Heart of Tucson Equine Rescue and Kermie’s Close Call May 4, 2011

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Yesterday Kermie, the Faeries and myself had the opportunity to visit an Equine Rescue Shelter in Tucson called the Heart of Tucson: ……   they are a local Non-Profit group that cares for rescued horses.   The rescues come from all around:  some of the horses have been found abandoned in the desert, some come from shelters that are going to send the horses to Mexico to be destroyed, some horses have been abandoned by the drug trafficers who use them to transport drugs across the desert … all of the equine have their own tale of woe.  Thanks to all the fantastic volunteers at this ranch, many of the horses can be rehabilitated and adopted out to good families across the country.

The faerie dust clan family would love for me to share some of the beautiful horses that currently reside at the shelter.

Meet Baja … a gentle giant of the land … whose kindness to others lends a hand …  his gentle kindness will be remembered for the days to come ….. he brings joy and love to all those who greet him under the sun.   Baja will be at the shelter until it is time for him to pass.  He has a melanoma that will eventually lead to his transition.  I was grateful to meet him.

Baja Under the Sun

Next we meet Calijah whose locks are curly and cute, he has a spicy misdemeanor too!   His mother, Christina, lives at the ranch as well.   The faeries had a lot of fun playing in the twists and turns of Calijah’s mane riding through it like a slide on a playground.

Colijah of the Curly Mane

Millie, Millie, Millie dear … Millie meets Kermie who sits very near.  We had to watch his back so that he would not become a horsy snack during the photography shoot!   Millie has a trick of her very own.  She loves to greet people with “raspberries”  … she curls her lip up to the right and blows air through it.   The harder she blows, the more spit comes out … apparently the bigger the shower of slobber spit at you by her loving raspberries, the more she likes you!  She must have liked me a lot … Kermie and I needed to wear a raincoat!

Millie and Kermie

Now meet Cinco.  Well, there apparently are no words for Cinco.  I spoke with the woman who runs the rescue,Judy, and she informed me that Cinco appears not to be a horse at all.  He watched a maintenance crew worker attach a new waterbowl into his pen.  There were four dead-bolt screws holding it together.  Once the maintenance attendant left, Cinco overnight had managed to unscrew all of the bolts and threw the water bowl out of his pen.  He is a trickster and not only picks up information cognitively but can then use the information to figure out how to create his own havoc.  He is loved irregardless of his ill manners.  I instructed Kermie and the SDFDC to leave Cisco alone.  Button, however, who likes to break as many rules as Cisco … trooped into the pen and pranced on Cisco’s back.  Cisco greeted him with a winnie and left him alone.  I asked Judy why Cisco would get along with Button the Faerie but not with some of the humans.  Apparently he has a group of animal friends from goats to cats that he is used to establishing bonds of kinship with fellow nature folk.  Lucky for Button!


Next is Montana who is all spotted and gray … she has trouble loving and nips if you come to close.   She let me touch her snout for just a bit then wandered away.  Kermie took a portrait with her but was shaking all of the time.  He asked me,  “What if she likes frogs legs for a snack?”   I reassured him that she was a vegetarian!


One more gift to share with you, as horse whose name is Esther.  She is the newest member of the rescue family.  She was found wandering in the desert with two other horses.  She was used to transport drugs and when she couldn’t do her job anymore she was left to wander without food and water.   The rescue ranch received information about her and they immediately went and picked her up.  “Thank goodness!”  all of the faeries of the SDFDC exclaimed when they heard this news!


We are all glad to bring you such news of loving, beautiful Horsefolk and the great work the Heart of Tucson Non-profit is doing with these animals.   I was grateful to do some Reiki and massage with some of the horses while I was there.


(Written and Photos by:  Shannon Sullivan

Thank you to:  All the Rescued Horses of Heart of Tucson and the Faeries for their adventures

Gratitude to:  Our Readers)


2 Responses to “Heart of Tucson Equine Rescue and Kermie’s Close Call”

  1. nrhatch Says:

    Many call them “dumb animals” and so they are, for they cannot tell us how they feel, but they do not suffer less because they have no words. ~ Anna Sewell.

    Thanks for sharing some love with them!

  2. faeriemagic Says:

    You are welcome Nancy

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