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Gratitude and Gifts April 27, 2011

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Ten things I am grateful for today:

Humming Hummingbirds greeting me as I ride my bike merrily.

          Tree friends who love to be visited and greeted with flowers …

Friends who love dressing up for films and fun …

   Easter bunny friends of faerie who laugh and sing and who are merry. …

     Hawks and Owls and Ravens galore, Faerie Dust clan loves all their friends who love to explore…

     My nephews, honoary members of the Faerie Dust clan, CJ Dragonfly Rider and Smiling Gnomie …

The People of the Clouds who hover all around …..

Renaissance women, lovely and fair, whose flowing long locks blow in the air….

My mom who participates in the faerie dust fun ….

And Muppet Friend Madness on my little trips …

And the health of my friends …

I started with ten, eleven now stand, that is just the beginning to start on the road …..  What awesomeness are you grateful for readers?


(Written by and Photos by:  Shannon Sullivan

Inspired by: SDFDC and Spirit

Thank you to;  Our Readers)


3 Responses to “Gratitude and Gifts”

  1. nrhatch Says:

    Wonderful gratitude post, Shannon!

    Life is better when we take time to notice it.

  2. Don Says:

    I am grateful for an awesome new friend, who had shined her light upon me, and brightened my life!!

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