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Meet “Nero Strongwater”! March 27, 2011

Well, I am quite pleased and surprisingly excuberant to say that on Sunday I had the good fortune of meeting another family member of the SDFDC, Sonoran Desert Faerie Dust Clan.   I was traipsing about the springs of the Sabino Canyon where water was running through the rocks at the base of the mountains.   Part of the spring was canopied by the loving branches of the nearby mesquite trees along with the bountiful Cottowood who were pleased with the appearance of the water through their roots.

I was actually following Scout’s lead.  I was waiting patiently, or trying to atleast, for the tram to return and pick us up to take us back to the visitor’s center.  Scout kept flittering and fluttering around my head, poking, poking, poking my ear with a  piece of faerie dust he found floating on the wind.  “Shannon, Shannon, Shannon … please can we go and visit the water … listen to it … let’s go, let’s go.”  I said, like a parent might to a child who wants to meander and the adult has ‘things to do’, “Scout … you know we are needed at the next event and we will be late and then what will we do … we have plans.”   Scout huffed and puffed (although he didn’t blow the house down … he isn’t quite big enough for that) …. sooooooo ….”Okay, Scout, we can go check it out for a little bit.”   As you can see, I am quite a pushover as a Faerie Mom Guardian.

All of us traipsed down the hill of rocks and into the stream.  The first doorway we crossed was created by the magical arch of a mesquite tree.  Belle said, “What is the password?”   Hmmmm…… I guess I never even thought of that part …. I started to get nervous that we wouldn’t be let into the magical waters of the Sabino Canyon without it.  Fortunately, right at that moment, a beautifully camoflauged desert toad who was on the granite stone hopped over and gave us the secret password.   What is it you, dear reader, may wonder … however, it is a secret after all.  If you enter the canyon, look for the toad and he will share it with you if you give him plenty of fly snacks.

After providing the mesquite with the magical password, we were all allowed to enter the faerie side of the stream.  I sat down by the edge of the water and listened to the stream, the wind, the pulse of the air around us.   Gabby commented about how chatty the water was.  She said, “The water is talking even more than me today … and that’s a lot!”  All of us giggled together.   Then Button grew serious and said to me, “Shannon, looking at the water passing over the rocks … that reminds me of the class you took in college when we read ‘Siddhartha’ by Herman Hesse … didn’t he talk about how when standing in a stream we never are in the same place twice or something like that … hmmmm … ”  all the other faeries at this point had bounded off and left us to philosophize.  I responded, “well, Button, I did find this quote looking it up and it says this …. ‘The many-voiced song of the river echoed softly. Siddhartha looked into the river and saw many pictures in the flowing water.’  ”   …. “Hey that’s it!”  Belle shouted having overheard our conversation …. “Shannon, you have your camera.  Let’s stand in one spot and take lots of pictures of the same area where the water will change every second and see what we see.”   This is a very good idea and I decided that we had enough time to experiment before I had to skaddale to the next event.

I took my camera from my handy dandy faerie pink carrying case and stood in one area for five minutes taking a photograph every ten seconds or so and decided NOT to look at them even though Button was pestering me.  I reminded him that if we look at the photos right away sometimes we miss things that we might see later if we wait and put it away.  He did agree.  …….  (off to the next event I went closing my camera for the time being ….)

When I returned home in the evening, Button immediately reminded me to load the photos onto the camera so we could see what magic we captured ….  it was number 15 of 40 … pop! … “ooooohhhhh ” Gabby said, “look!”  We all clamored around the computer screen … yep there he was … a new family faerie clan member came to visit us and the Sonoran Desert Faeries.  “Who is he?”  Belle asked.   I said, “Well, we know one thing … he is a water elemental, obviously.”  Scout rolled his eyes exasperated by us … “Well, of course he’s a ‘water elemental’, he is in the water … he let us see his portrait.”   I duely reminded Scout that eye-rolling was not a very kind thing to do.  I explained that it made other people feel as if they were silly when in fact they simply wanted to understand what he, himself, may already know and being a bright intelligent faerie, it was his job to help explain these things.   “Sometimes I forget,”  he apologized.

“Maybe one of your friends knows him?” Gabby suggested.   I checked in with the faeries to make sure it was okay to post his picture on facebook.   They all agreed that they were okay with it.   After a couple of days, my cousin who lives in Washington and whose family has always participated in the faerie dust adventures had it!  The Great Gabe of Gavaldonia (as seen in the earlier stories “Were the Faeries Framed?”  wrote me and said, “Cousin, Cousin … I know who your Elemental Faerie Friend of the water is.”   We all clapped, giddy with delight to hear.  Gabe said, “His name is Nero Strongwater.  He,  too, is a cousin … a water cousin to the Sonoran Desert Faerie Dust Clan.” …..  Ahhhhhhhh … this explains it ……  “Thank you Gabe of Gavaldonia!”

Meet Nero Strongwater!

So, dear readers of awesomness and delight, meet our newest faerie friend, Nero Strongwater!


(True Story and Photos by:  Shannon Sullivan

Adventures by:  SDFDC – Sonoran Desert Faerie Dust Clan & their cousin, Nero Strongwater, a water elemental

Thank you to:  Our Readers!


4 Responses to “Meet “Nero Strongwater”!”

  1. nrhatch Says:

    Sounds like you all had a grand adventure.

  2. faeriemagic Says:

    We certainly did Nancy 😉

  3. You have a real talent for finding and/or composing scenes to photograph.

  4. faeriemagic Says:

    Yes … they like to come out and “talk” to me 😉

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