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“Ribbons and Bows” A Poem March 16, 2011

     The following poem is done with love and in honoring of one of my clients and the journey she took within herself to heal some wounds that were wanting to be heard.   With her permission, she has allowed me to capture her journey in the form that came forward … in this instance due to the nature of the journey into wooded land … it presented itself as a poem.   I hope you enjoy this adventure of healing ……..

“Ribbons & Bows”  by Shannon Sullivan

A young girls sits

in wait

at table with


to share her fate.

Grieving and sad

for one

who is missed,

when shall he return –

this twin, this brother

who is late.

An old woman gifts

her grace

holding time in this

wooded place.

The ground is covered

with fallen leaves

Lady of the Lake from

and precious stones

among the clan of

trees where the animals roam.

The Old Woman sits and combs

this young girl’s hair

telling her how

sometimes life can feel

so unfair.

Another woman approaches

to sit with these two,

the young girl recognizes

her as if wearing

the same shoes.

But in this place of woods

and leaves, no shoes

are needed and

they take their leave.

This woman she asks,

“what will make you

happy dear one?”

“Ribbons and bows

for my hair,

running the length

from shoulder to


Gold and Purple

are tied in her hair

to greet her dear

brother who is

riding near.

20 years its been

since his return,

this twin with twin heart

who had to depart.

They dress her in a lovely gown

of violet sheen and

all the creatures of the woods

thinks she is the image of a Queen.

One more step is left to do

before her twins return

until next noon …

the dwelling in which this

young lady sleeps

is all that is left of a

ragged heap ….

the townspeople come

and lend a hand

to dismantle this dwelling

which once again

becomes part of the land.

The young lady, woman and Hag *

lay in a circle to bless

this new ground

which is ready and clean

to make this twin’s return proud.

Now these twins will be

happy in this blessed

place.    Once again the two

shall frolic and dance

with grace.

*I would like to reclaim the word “Hag” in this poem as a word of beauty and power from whence it was originally intended … I reclaim the sacredness of this word and restore it to its natural goodness.  Here is how one site described the original definition of the word “Hag”:  “An elderly lady whom you do not happen to like; sometimes called, also, a hen, or cat. Old witches, sorceresses, etc., were called hags from the belief that their heads were surrounded by a kind of baleful lumination or nimbus — hag being the popular name of that peculiar electrical light sometimes observed in the hair. At one time hag was not a word of reproach: Drayton speaks of a “beautiful hag, all smiles,” much as Shakespeare said, “sweet wench.” It would not now be proper to call your sweetheart a hag — that compliment is reserved for the use of her grandchildren.   Read more:


(Poem by:  Shannon Sullivan

  Inspired by work with:  Quynn

  Art from:  “Lady of the Lake”

  Thank you to:  SDFDC – Sonoran Desert Faerie Dust Clan who assist with the adventures of writing such travels

    Gratitude to:  Our Readers)



3 Responses to ““Ribbons and Bows” A Poem”

  1. nrhatch Says:

    Lovely, Shannon

    And thanks for the lesson on the word “hag” ~ a word fallen on disfavor due to ugly connotations attached to it.

  2. nrhatch Says:

    Shannon, your two comment boxes are confusing me. 😀

    I think I’m leaving a comment, when I’m sending a “message” instead.

  3. faeriemagic Says:

    Thanks for the feedback Nancy … I will “not add” other comment form … keep the original 😉

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