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Scout Meets Scout …. March 13, 2011

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Well, just two days ago our lovely faerie friend, Scout, of the wonderfully magical SDFDC (Sonoran Desert Faerie Dust Clan) had the wonderful opportunity to meet, Scout, of Utah.  Now you might be wondering who this other Scout might be … and if you wait just one moment I will gladly oblige you, dear reader.

My friend, Quynn, who runs the Institute of Shamanic Arts had the opportunity to meet a man by the name of Martin Tyner a few years ago up in Utah on one of her journies through public lands.  As she approached Martin, he was rubbing foreheads with a Golden Eagle … holy cow!  She thought this to be incredibly impossible and approached him to ask what he was doing.

To our great fortune, Quynn, met Martin and his rescue eagle, Scout.   Scout was going to be shot by a farmer when wildlife rescue called Martin up to come and capture Scout so that he wouldn’t be killed.  Martin is a certified animal trainer and has a speciality certificate in handling bird of prey like hawks and eagles.

Martin and Susan Tyner of

Friday, March 11th Martin was heading into Tucson for the Festival of Books at the University of Arizona and our awesome friend Quynn was able to steal away a bit of Martin, Susan and Scout’s time to share with 0ur group.   I said, “Oh … Scout … guess who we get to meet?”   Scout of the SDFDC said, “Who?” as if he were not that interested.   “Oh, well I guess you don’t really want to meet a Golden Eagle in person then?”   His eyes grew wide with surprise, “Really?” … I said, “Yes .. now are you interested?”   I told the Faerie Dust Clan that under no circumstances are they allowed to approach, harass or harangue the other Scout ….. I said, “Do you know what a Golden Eagle can do to a poor little faerie?”   I described his  sharp claws and beak and pointedly stated that no faerie was allowed to approach Scout unless given permission by Martin.   They agreed to the rules of engagement.  But then Button so aptly pointed out, “Shannon, you know very well that we faeries, not of our clan but of our sister clans, ride eagles regularly with no trouble whatsoever.”   With this I had to agree to in truth.  Then I explained to Button and the other faeries, “I know that some faeries of different clans around the world do, in fact, apprentice to be eagle riders; however, none of you have apprenticed nor have you ever met one in person before ….. thus, the same rules apply to you in this instance that apply to me …. understood?”  They all whispered amongst themselves and realized this did make sense and so agreed they would keep their distance.

We all gathered in a large circle around Martin and Scout, the Golden Eagle, and listened to fabulous stories about their interactions together.  Martin has a book called, “Healer of Angels” and information about Martin and Susan’s wildlife rescue organization can be found on .   All proceeds and donations right now are going toward raising money to build a visitor’s center on the new property in Utah that Martin was gifted to working full-time at rescuing wildlife with the intention of public education.    Martin and Scout travel around the country teaching children and adults about the majesty of the Golden Eagle as one of the Angels of the Sky.

Scout (Photo by Kati)


When the evening was finished, I was pleased at the good behavior, I , myself, and the faeries displayed at being with Scout the Eagle.  We really wanted to be able to touch him; however, this is just not possible.   We would love for you to find out more information for yourselves, reader, about Scout’s magical beauty and if you feel inclined to donate to the continued rescue of other eagles and wildlife by Martin and his wife please don’t hesitate to do so (if you feel inclined … or atleast pass the information along to your friends and family) 😉

The SDFDC and I are happy to have brought this little adventure to you today and hope you enjoy!


(Story and Photos by:  Shannon Sullivan

Photo of Scout by himself:  Kati Astraeir of

Thank you to:  SDFDC, the magical faerie clan, and Our dear Readers

Have a wonderful day!)


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  1. nrhatch Says:

    We have several wildlife rescue organizations around here that focus on birds ~ thanks for sharing Martin’s and Scout’s story.

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