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A Family Fun Adventure of Geodesic Proportions March 2, 2011

  Well, the faeries were quite ravenous this afternoon, ravenous, is that a word that can be used with faeries? … hmmm probably not, that’s okay ….. “Shannon let’s go get some grub.”  We went outside and began munching some salad with yummy olive oil and also had some soup d’jour, which was butternut squash with cilantro .. yummmm.

   “Shannon,” Twig tapped my left shouler, then yanked my ear gently, “turn your head left …. what are they doing?”  I looked across the street from where I was seated.  A car had pulled up and a family of six had gotten out.  There was an older couple, a couple in their late 30’s and two boys.  All were kickin’ the dirt up with their feet as if looking for a lost coin.  This was an empty lot in front of a wash.  Who pulls up to an empty desert wash and kicks up dirt?  Who indeed! 

   “This is a job for Scout,”  Belle chimed in … Scout who had currently been bounding up to the uppermost branches of the mesquite tree that we were under, popped back down when he heard his name.  “You chirpped for me?”  he said, sassily, to Belle, who then stuck her tongue out.  (Now kids … it is not too polite to stick your tongue out at people in a manner suggesting that you are angry with them; however, I, myself, on many occasion have had the great fun of sticking my tongue out during the taking of photgraphic portraits.

  We all headed over to this family and inquired, politely of course (since really it was none of our business, but we were genuinely curious), “Whatch up to?”   The older gentleman, Ed, turned to me and said, “We are Geo Cacheing.”  All of us (the faeries and myself) looked at one another with great consternation.  “What the heck is that?”  we asked Ed.

   “Well, you see Shannon.  There are millions of these tubes with scrolls hidden in them all over the world.  Each one has a ‘name’ so you know how to locate it and coordinates of longetitude and latitude.  Then we use geotrackers and punch in the coordinates if we are traveling near that destination.  Then once we are close to the hidden scroll then we look around the area and do what the names tells us to in order to discover where its hidden.”   So apparently the one geo cache that is hidden near where I work, little did I know, is called “Pick It Up.”  I don’t want to get too detailed so I don’t give away all the secrets of finding this hidden geo cache but it does happen to be in the ground. 

  “Holy cow!”   Twig shouted … except all the family heard that was standing next to me was a hummingbird squeaking … they haven’t been attuned to the faerie family as of yet.   The young man who had located the scroll and put his name upon his treasure was known as, “Captain Amazing”.  “It is so awesome to meet you Captain Amazing.  Thank you for sharing your find with me.”   He blushed and said, “No problem Shannon.  It is my pleasure.”

  Apparently, Ed, himself, had been geo caching in Australia and Africa as well!  I located the information at the link below that gives more locations.  Let me know if you find any in your area.  You might be walking by one and not even know it!


What treasures have you encountered, Dear Readers, that you never even knew were right under your nose?



(Written by:  Shannon Sullivan

  Photo by:  Shannon Sullivan (representing the Desert SW but not the specific site of the Geo Cache just so I don’t give away the actual spot and ruin it for other geo cachers! 😉 … )

  Adventures by:  SDFDC – Sonoran Desert Faerie Dust Clan)


4 Responses to “A Family Fun Adventure of Geodesic Proportions”

  1. nrhatch Says:

    I read a short story recently about geo-caching, but I can’t recall on which blog.

    Your lunch sounds delicious by the way, especially the soup d’jour.

  2. faeriemagic Says:

    It was funny, the day I saw the geo cachers I put it onmy FB page and the next day one of my friends was hiking and ran into a small group of geo cachers and up until that point she had never heard about it either. Yes… my lunch was quite tasty. Thank you Nancy and have a great evening

  3. Don Says:

    I stumbled upon a geo cache bin up on the mountain behind my moms house in Phoenix, it seems like a fun idea. Also much more challenging (or just impossible) if you don’t happen to have GPS technology!

  4. faeriemagic Says:

    I bet some people have really good internal GPS systems but might be more challenging 🙂

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