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Twists and Turns – A Body’s Memory February 22, 2011

    The body, a labyrinth,

 a winding maze of

twists and turns gathering

memories at each corner.

With each pump of the heart,

blood coursing through

these tissues keeping


memories alive –

Dexter jumping in her lap

and licking her ear

a welcoming home,

now stored in the right

turn of her large intestine,

gripping and clinging to old memories

a precious jewel stored,

“why wasn’t I there when he needed me?”

she wonders aloud with

tears in her eyes, whoosh

the blood passes through the intestine

pushing the memory back

into the open until this time

she remebers how Dexter would

gather leaves and place them

at her feet, “look at me”, now

the blood whooshes past and

neurons fire remembering the joy

of the leaves at her feet from

her puppies’ journey outdoors.

Muscles unwind and a deep

breath exhales, “thank you”.


  *  This poem is dedicated to myself and a few of my clients whose memories of our connections with our animals get stored in our body of times when they had passed.  Remembering the joy of our animals helps release the pain of the passing more quickly and in a way we reconnect energetically to how much joy we brought one another.  

What fond pet memories can you share, dear reader?




(Poem by:  Shannon Sullivan

  Dedicated to: Pet Lovers everywhere!

  Thank you to:  Our Readers 😉 …)


4 Responses to “Twists and Turns – A Body’s Memory”

  1. Such beautiful words that describe perfectly feelings/memories I’ve had about pets I’ve lost.

  2. nrhatch Says:

    When our first Great Dane died, my sister and I spent the day alternating being crying and laughing.

    We would be sad and cry for a bit, then think of some funny thing Sandy had done, and laugh and laugh. Then be sad all over again.

    Let it out . . . let it go.

  3. faeriemagic Says:

    Thank you Nancy C. , these emotional pains have been coming up a lot lately for people in connection with loss of their animal friends.

  4. faeriemagic Says:

    Yes and it comes in stages and waves … just when you thought you had let it all go, there may be one last piece that comes up and out … remembering to celebrate memories through honoring the gifts our animal friends have given to us. 😉

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