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“The Enchilada is Whole” – A Backwards Poem February 18, 2011

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  Nancy who writes the blog “Spirit Lights the Way” ( ) proposed a creative challenge for us to take a poem we have written and write it backwards.   My original poem “The Whole Enchilada” is on my blog at an earlier time ( )…. Here is the backwards version.

“The Enchilada is Whole”

It’s all good –

An enchilada

Large and cheesy

All rolled up

Holding our stories.

Tenacity and Flare

This Guatemalan Mujer has

Wrapped up into one

A dishwasher,

Cook, waitress and owner


Just a tad more information

Makes me pry,

Sandra, Owner, Waitress, Cook, Diswasher of Maya Quetzal

A watery-eyed look,

Her mother, Concepcion,

Birthed from a fiery womb,

A Guatemalan descendant.

Sandra, this owner, waitress,

Cook and dishwasher,

Is her name.

Her story is here.

It starts at this table

Then back to the kitchen

Stops at the door,

Rapidly she bustles about

Serving yummy Guatemalan food

As we gobble it down.

We all agree

Maya Quetzal! Maya Quetzal!

That’s where we love to eat.

Treating our bodacious bellies

Where we shall be fed

This food that I asked for

Speaking softly as my

Tummy rumbles.

Now this is how to ring in

A New Year. 

After the bell ringin’ African dancin’


Walking in pleated skirt

Enfolding my waist

I’m glad I answered my stomach’s call

Walking 4th avenue

With it’s shimmering reflective


My body all rested

Like white down feathers

That before had felt

Like spokes of a tire

Smoothed over by the

Medicine from a healer’s hands,

Her angelic touch

Healing my wounds

And taking away my stress.

Forget the busy city streets

Or the bicycle paths

Stop the moving

And spinning inside

Of my head

Bouncing around

These thoughts

All jumbled like thread.

These are the stories

All baked together

Into one delicious

Guatemalan dish –

that’s the whole enchilada.


(Backwards Poem by:  Shannon Sullivan

 Photo by:  Shannon Sullivan

  Thank you to:  Nancy Hatch of “Spirit Lights the Way” for challenge

   Thank you to:  Our Readers)


2 Responses to ““The Enchilada is Whole” – A Backwards Poem”

  1. nrhatch Says:

    Yay! You did a backwards poem.
    Love the “bodacious bellies” . . . ! 🙂

    Have a great weekend.

  2. faeriemagic Says:

    Glad you liked it … thank you for the idea … I think “bodacious bellies” is my favorite part too

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