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A Hound, A Peacock and a Unicorn … ah, magic February 3, 2011

   I had the most fascinating adventures with the faeries on Sunday.   I had certain “plans” for the day and decided to ditch them (the plans that is) …. the faeries and I had not been adventuring for a while, and I received a little feather at the front door with a note attached to it saying,

“Dear Shannon,

 We request your company this day, Sunday, the day of the ‘cross-quarter’ to join us as our guest in nature.  If you so wish for a small adventure, please meet us by Mother Tara in the River Park.  We will be waiting for you with bells on

Flowery Faerie Dust and Light

SDFDC  (Sonoran Desert Faerie Dust Clan)”

   ….   a gray river stone I found, laying there on the ground, just below my shoed feet, when Belle bade me stop and retreat.  The stone I picked up in my hand as an offering and gift to me from the land.  A heart shape it did hold as a message I was told not just given to me but to all of humanity. ….

     “Thank you Scout for leading the way and showing me such a magical stone as this,”  I said to Scout who was presently plopped down on my left shoulder tickling my ear.  Now being an expedition without a specific road map is precarious in one way because you don’t know where you are going, who or what you will meet or when you will return.  The chances of getting lost are pretty high but there was atleast a guided foot path for me to check in with if I had need to. 

   All of a sudden I heard a low drowling bark from my left side.  I looked ahead and up the path to see where it came from and saw nothing.  I did, however, spy a chain link fence off the path up on a hill and a lovely tractor in the back yard.  I have become fond of photographing farm equipment and all the gears .. they seem an amazement of large art in and of themselves.   Gabby Giggles tugged my shoelace, “Let’s check it out.”  Up the hill we went but before we could complete the walk , the gatekeeper of the tractor appeared as if from no where.  A hound dog … hmmm … this must be the barking we heard.

   “Hi Old Fella … how are you doing today?”  I inquired.  “The names Jake.  Good to meet you,” he said slightly wagging his tail and sitting down.  “You seem grumpy, ”  Twig blurted out.  I scolded Twig … “That is not nice Twig.  We don’t even know Jake.”   Twig, apparently just like a four-year-old, had no problem pointing out to Jake his grumpiness.  “I been at this job a long time kid.  My job to watch for intruders,” … just at that moment a labrador retriever, all black and slick, pounded off the trail, trailing his owner behind him, curious to meet Jake.  “Keep off the property line,” woofed Jake grumpily.  “Watcha up to? Whatcha doin? What’s your name?  Wanna be friends,”  the lab named Cody wiggled and whined.  “Gotta job to do kid.  Now scram.”  Jake barked gruffly at Cody.  Off they went, Cody still waggin’ his tail and greeting all the other canines on the trail.   “Well, kid, I’m off.  Gotta make my rounds.  Nice ta meet ya.”  Jake huffed.  Scout flew over Jake’s back and gave him a quick scratch of the ears as a faerie thank you.

     All of a sudden, a cloud of butterflies descended upon us creating a small whirlwind of dust at my feet blowing my hair into my face.   “Let’s go” said Belle as she chased after them running back down the hill leaving behind our new friend, Jake.  “Bye Jake,”  we all called as we headed down the hill …. Gabby almost took a tumble … she likes to run on her feet to feel the sand beneath her but luckily she has wings … if she stumbles, she just gracefully lifts herself back in the air, like magic, ta-da.  Our magical journey continued as the butterflies disappeared but not before stopping us in time to be inspired by Joni Mitchell … butterflies of course!

    Gabby, who is normally, well, gabbing was a silent as the rest of us as we took a moment to enjoy this quote, ‘I dreamed I saw the bombers riding shotgun in the sky, turning into butterflies above our nation.”  At that point all of us together began to hum and walk and fly strolling down the river path imaging more butterflies.  The sun was out and friendly with warmth for all us.  Twig got sleepy and curled up inside my jacket pocket.   We arrived at a location called, “Green Things” … well there must be magic in there we all looked at one another.

    “Should we go in?”  I inquired of the group.  Scout said, “I think we must … look what I found on the ground.  A clue.”  A clue indeed … it was a large, earth-brown feather.  “Ohhhhhhh ….” we all said at the same time.   Who could this belong to?  All of a sudden Belle leapt high into the air … “Over there.  Look.”   Two Peahens and two peacocks were strutting around a large enclosure next to us.  The SDFDC went right to work scooping up feathers … of course, Belle, the faerie actress, went right to work making herself a large peacock tail … “I can’t wait to make my debut,”  she chimed like a bell in the wind.

    I, myself, being human was not allowed into the den of the peacocks and peahens due to certain liability issues that could be faced by the business where the birds were housed.  Maybe in the future if I go often enough and befriend the owners with the help of the SDFDC and magical faerie dust, I may figure my way into the roost … hmmmm … we shall see.   All of us continued to prance around the “Green Things” outdoors botanical garden like kids playing a friendly game of tag. 

    It must have been a combination of the organic day along with the organic location and the magic of the radio flyer that led all of us to our last but most stupendous meeting of the day.   It has long been said that Unicorns no longer exist.  This, if true, would in fact be a crime against the natural order of all magic.  Unicorns are not gone, they have just gone into hiding in the earthly realm to protect themselves.  The occassionally will show themselves to a special few who honor the ways of earth and who hold an innocence in their hearts.  I, myself, have not seen one … yet … was gifted the great good fortune and am allowed to share it here with you, dear readers, the shadow of a Unicorn.  It was Twig who spotted him first.  While everyone was off playing a quick game of  “hide-and-squeak” (a little different than the human game of hide-n-seek) … Twig awoke from his faerie dust nap.  I was taking portraits of some wonderful goats.  Twig exclaimed, “Shannon!  A Unicorn!”  Then I saw him posed in the shadow image cast next to the goat along the fence.  There indeed was the snout, beard and single horn of the unicorn.   All the other faeries stopped their games and flew over in the blink of an eye to greet our dear friend and thank him for coming into the shadows to say hello.  I asked him if I could share our fortune with the readers of the “Creating Magic’ blog and he said, “Yes you may.”  Then he disappeared back into the sun’s rays and was gone.

A Unicorn in Our Midst

    Well, by this time, as you can imagine, we were all exhausted, except for Twig of course who had already participated in a time of napping.   We walked slowly back to our awaiting Mazada chariot named, Kabura (the warrior) and headed back home for a quick nap.   Because this adventure was so full of excitement as well, I am sure our readers are probably sleepy as well and so we will end this tale of the Hound, the Peacock and the Unicorn here.

What magical creatures have you, reader, encountered on your many journeys?


( Story and Photos by:  Shannon Sullivan

   Adventures by:  SDFDC (Sonoran Desert Faerie Dust Clan)

   Thank you to::   Our Fine Faerie Friends of Fabulous Fun )


3 Responses to “A Hound, A Peacock and a Unicorn … ah, magic”

  1. nrhatch Says:

    Sounds like a lovely walk-about for all concerned.

    Thanks, Shannon.

  2. faeriemagic Says:

    Thanks Nancy. Have a good day 🙂

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